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D2L Brightspace is the learning management system for Jamestown Community College’s courses. If you have questions about Brightspace, you’ve come to the right place for help! Find links to attend a training, get live help via Zoom, and watch videos that will help you use Brightspace.

Log into Brightspace

  1. Go to sunyjcc.edu/myjcc
  2. Select Brightspace
  3. Type in your full JCC student email address as your username
  4. Type in the password for your JCC email account | Forgot your password?
  5. You will need to set up multi-factor authentication:
    1. Set up an authenticator app as a verification method (Microsoft Support)
    2. Set up a mobile device as a verification method (Microsoft Support)
    3. Set up a landline as a verification method (Microsoft Support) (you will only be able to access Brightspace when you are near that phone)

JCC's Microsoft multi-factor authentication (MFA) system is used to log in to many of JCC’s information technology systems, such as Brightspace and Degree Works. You can use the Microsoft Authenticator on your smartphone, text message verification, or phone call verification.

Microsoft Authenticator installation (first-time):

  1. Go to the Microsoft My Sign-Ins portal.
  2. Enter your JCC email address (if you have one with @mail.sunyjcc.edu, use it) and select Next.
  3. Enter your JCC password and select Sign in.
  4. Select Next on the More information required screen.
  5. This will bring you to a Keep your account secure screen with Microsoft Authenticator. It will give you directions on installing the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. Once downloaded and installed, select Next.
  6. You will be at a screen that shows directions to set up the app. In the app, add an account and select Other. Then select Next.
  7. You will see a QR code that you will use the app on your phone to scan.
  8. Once you scan, it will show a six-digit code under your account in the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  9. Enter the code and select Next.
  10. Select Done.
  11. To set up push notification authentication, continue to follow directions (recommended).

Microsoft Authenticator update to push notifications:

  1. Go to the Microsoft My Sign-Ins portal.
  2. Enter your JCC email address (if you have one with @mail.sunyjcc.edu, use it) and select Next.
  3. Enter your JCC password and select Sign in.
  4. Select Security info.
  5. Select Add sign-in method, then select Authenticator app, then select Add.
  6. Follow on-screen directions if you haven’t installed Microsoft Authenticator app, then select Next.
  7. If prompted, allow notifications. Then add an account, and select Work or school, then select Next.
  8. Use the Microsoft Authenticator app to scan the QR code. This will connect the Microsoft Authenticator app with your account. After you scan the QR code, select Next.
  9. It should ask you to approve a push notification. Once complete, select Next.
  10. You are finished.

Using multi-factor authentication:

  1. From time to time, when you log in to a JCC information system from any device, you will be prompted to approve your sign-in request through your Microsoft Authenticator app.
  2. Select the push notification and select Approve.
  3. You will be authenticated, and your login will be completed.

More information:

SUNY Help Desk

For help with Brightspace problems and course navigation, contact the SUNY Online Support Services Help Desk:

  • 844.673.6786 (toll-free within the United States)
  • 518.320.1300 (direct)
  • Press option 1 to reach the Help Desk

Help Desk hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-midnight
  • Saturday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Live training & support

Video tutorials

Check out the video tutorials on Brightspace’s YouTube channel: