Clubs & Organizations

Join a student club at JCC

Stay connected during your time at Jamestown Community College and join a club or organization. Joining a student club lets you explore your interests, meet people, and develop leadership and organizational skills. Each club is chartered through Student Senate and is open to all students and FSA members.

Get involved, try something new, and transform your college experience!

Groups on campus

Chartered clubs:

  • Adult Learner Club (advisors: Wende Lescynski, Julie Rak)
  • Airsoft Club (advisor: Laurel McKotch)
  • Anime Club (advisors: Erin Zeiders-Weber, Josh Zeiders-Weber)
  • Art Club (advisors: Madison Lavallee, Kaycee Colburn)
  • Black Student Union (advisor: Karen Campbell)
  • Cheer and Step Club (advisor: Ashley Hinman)
  • Chemistry Club (advisor: Corey Damon)
  • Earth Awareness Club (advisors: Jan Bowman, Andy Pitoniak)
  • IMPACT Club (advisor: Jamie Coccarelli)
  • International Club (advisor: Rudi Andalora)
  • Jayhawk Athlete Association (advisors: Ashley Lund, George Sisson)
  • LEADS Club (advisors: Kirk Young, Jennifer Forney)
  • Literature Club (advisors: Debbie Johnson, Karen Weyant)
  • Nursing Club (advisors: Deb Bablak, Allison Johnson, Sara Luther, Marlene Hamrick)
  • Pride Club (advisors: Annie Chartrand, Rudi Andalora, Johnny Stein)
  • Ski Club (advisors: Carinne Knight, Steve Kibbe)
  • SOTA Club (advisors: Jessica Swanson, Sarah Tranum)
  • Tech Club (advisors: Timothy Griffin, Tim Piazza)
  • Tennis Club (advisor: Cynthia McKane)
  • Travel and Hospitality Club (advisor: Jennifer Forney)
  • Video Production Club (advisor: Aaron Perez)

Potential clubs (contact Campus Life for more information):

  • Astronomy Club     
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Computer Programming Club
  • Criminal Justice Club
  • D20 Club
  • Dance Club
  • Debate Club
  • Drama Club
  • eSports Club
  • Game Club
  • Military / Veterans Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Sport Management Club
  • Teacher Education Club
  • Walking & Running Club


  • Business Club (advisor: Sarah Bray)
  • LEADS/Community Service (advisor: Kirk Young)
  • Psychology Club (advisor: Francis LaChappelle)
  • Spectrum Club (advisor: K Woodin)
  • Teacher Education (advisor: Renee Funke)
  • Video Game Club (advisor: Kassie Wegner)
  • YA Book Club (advisor: Dale Yerpe)

Potential clubs (contact Campus Life for more information):

  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Ski-Snowboarding
  • NCEC Student Leadership (advisor: Chris Reisch)


The first Friday of every month is dedicated to Club Council. Club Council is intended to provide a forum for every chartered club and other student organizations to have time and space to report on what they’ve been working on and what events/service projects are coming up, to exchange ideas and to get leadership training.

Attendance at Club Council is required by at least one representative from each club, and more than one absence per semester may result in club funds being frozen or restricted.