College Connections Faculty Liaisons

Your role in College Connections

College Connections faculty liaisons serve as mentors to high school instructors. You are responsible for ensuring that JCC courses taught in the high schools are consistent with the courses taught on campus. You also help ensure that the concurrent enrollment courses align with the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (NACEP) standards.


Classroom observations help to ensure that college courses offered through College Connections are consistent with those taught on campus. They also offer the opportunity for collegial interaction between campus and College Connections instructors. Faculty liaisons conduct classroom observations the first two times a course is offered and then at the discretion of the liaison. At minimum, a classroom observation is completed once every three years, which is consistent with JCC’s classroom observation policy for part-time faculty.

  • (to meet accreditation standard C3)

Faculty liaisons complete classroom observation reports for each visit and submit them to the College Connections office. During semesters in which classroom observations do not occur, it is expected that faculty liaisons maintain close communication with their instructors through phone, email, and informal visits. This communication is documented in a course oversight form. Fall observation forms and course oversight forms are due by February 28; full year and spring observation forms or course oversight forms are due by July 31.

Liaisons review syllabi and complete the syllabus review form for each course that they oversee.

  • (to meet accreditation standard A1)

As needed, faculty liaisons also assist with assessment.

Academic directors and/or coordinators are responsible for approving the credentials of new instructors. Once credentials have been approved, faculty liaisons conduct classroom observations and/or interviews and make recommendation for approval, provisional approval, or denial for potential instructors.

  • (to meet accreditation standard F1)

Liaisons provide orientation to instructors during the interview/approval process. Liaisons introduce instructors to course philosophy and competencies and assist with the implementation of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments. They also discuss course syllabi and textbooks.

  • (to meet accreditation standard F2)

All high school instructors are required to attend a half-day of professional development each year. Liaisons provide discipline-specific professional development opportunities for ongoing, collegiate interaction, to address course content, delivery, assessment, evaluation, and/or research and development in the field. Workshops may be done in conjunction with other departmental liaisons as long as the overall workshop is approved by College Connections.

  • (to meet accreditation standard F3)