College Connections Enrichment Opportunities

Opportunities through College Connections

We offer College Connections students a variety of enrichment opportunities to build on their classes.

Art show

College Connections art students have the opportunity to exhibit their work at JCC. Each art teacher chooses two students from each course, and each of those students will exhibit 2-3 pieces at the Weeks Gallery. The exhibit runs for two weeks with an opening reception that includes live music, refreshments, and invitations to all of the exhibiting artists and their families. JCC Weeks Gallery staff choose two honorable mention winners and one Best in Show. The Best in Show winner receives a cash prize.

Art talk

College Connections art students are invited to JCC’s Weeks Gallery art talk events to explore current works and exhibitions in-depth, often with opportunities to interact with artists and learn about various techniques.

Speech contest

This contest is for College Connections students completing CMM 1610: Public Speaking. Students compete in contests in their high schools throughout the fall and early spring. First and second place winners at each school receive a JCC prize pack and go on to compete in the finals at JCC. Contestants complete their speech and a one-minute extemporaneous speech. This is a formal event, and the winner and runner up receive cash prizes.