Residence Life Staff

Meet the Residence Life staff at JCC

Jamestown Community College’s Residence Life staff create a warm, positive community in the residence halls. The Residence Life director works with residence directors and student resident assistants to provide a supportive environment and fun programming. You can go to them with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Director of Residence Life

Tyler Silagyi, Director of Residence Life

Tyler Silagyi headshot

Welcome to Residence Life and the Hillside Suites! My name is Tyler Silagyi, and along with being the director of Residence Life, I am also a JCC alumnus and previous residence director here at the college. Through this position, I hope to provide our residents with an experience that helps them grow into mature young adults ready to take on their next steps in life.

In Residence Life, we firmly believe that the more connected you are, the more successful you will become! It is my hope that by choosing to live on-campus, student residents will be able to make long-lasting and valuable connections with each other, faculty, staff, and the Jamestown community. Everyone is capable of success, which relies on the choices that each of us make. This is the time to define who you are as a person and who you wish to become. Choose to be great at everything you do and you will find continuous success with every new adventure.

Missy Chase, FSA Administrative Assistant

Missy Chase headshot

Welcome to JCC’s Residence Life! My name is Missy Chase. I am the administrative assistant for RL and the Faculty Student Association (FSA). I enjoy moonlit strolls on the beach, red roses by the armful, and participation dances. Just kidding!! I’m not a fan of any of those things (except the participation dances…I do a mean Cupid Shuffle and I love listening to music). My friends would describe me as easy going and a good listener. I have worked at JCC since 2003 and enjoy helping guide students through their JCC journey and get them ready to take on their next steps in life.

In Residence Life, we firmly believe that the more connected you are, the more successful you will become! I hope that while students are living in the halls that they experience the best that JCC has to offer and that they connect to our Res Life community to help them grow and mature into the person they are becoming.

Hillside Suites North

Suleyman Eminov, Resident Assistant

Hey! My name is Suleyman Eminov, and I'm a resident assistant in Hillside Suites North. I am from Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia. Currently, I'm a sophomore student and my major is computer science. Last year I worked in several positions on-campus: international ambassador (helped international students with their JCC application and answered their questions), NDA, and student ambassador. I am also part of the Student Senate. JCC is my home far from home. My philosophy of life is to help people and this is the reason for me to be an RA; I want to help students and make them feel welcome and comfortable here, at JCC.

Hillside Suites West

Xavier Churnac, Residence Director

Xavier Churnac headshot

My name is Xavier Churnac, and I am the residence director of Hillside Suites West. I have always enjoyed being a part of residence life. As an alumnus to JCC, I feel I’m in the perfect position to share my success story, which enables me to do whatever it takes to help our students create their own success here.