Apply for Fall/Spring Housing

Apply for on-campus housing: fall/spring semesters

The application, license, and housing deposit are for the entire academic year.

1. Apply to JCC

2. File your FAFSA

  • Apply for financial aid (residents are required to have a FAFSA submitted prior to August 1 for the fall term and January 1 for the spring term)
  • Follow up on the progress of your FAFSA
  • Review your award letter when it arrives
  • Confirm eligibility

3. Complete the fall/spring housing application

4. Pay your housing deposit

Housing will not be assigned until full $200* deposit is submitted. Housing deposit is not considered advanced payment. Deposits may be split into two payments of $100 plus bank processing fees. All deposits should be paid in full no later than August 1 for the fall semester, or January 1 for the spring semester. *Bank processing fees (up to $10) are in addition to $200 for credit/debit or e-check payments.

  • Credit card payment: pay by credit card through Square
  • Send check or money order for $200: JCC FSA: Attn. Residence Life, P.O. Box 20, Jamestown, NY 14702-0020
  • Flywire payment for international students: access Flywire and ensure that SUNY Jamestown Community College - FSA Residence Life is selected as the recipient

5. Pay your bill

Prior to moving into the Hillside Suites, all residents will need to have their semester charges paid in full. Residents are required to have a FAFSA submitted prior to August 1 for the fall term and January 1 for the spring term.

  • If you are receiving financial aid and the award is displayed on the student bill as pending with no remaining balance, you may be considered paid in full at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office and/or the Business Office.
  • Any balance remaining after financial aid has been applied must be paid prior to occupancy. Payment can be made in full by check or money order in the Business Office or through your bank account, debit or credit card, or a payment plan by viewing your student bill in Banner.
  • Enrollment in JCC's Nelnet payment plan will allow you to move into the residence halls while you finish the financial aid process. Student bill information »

6. Check your email & get ready to move in

Check your email regularly for important Residence Life information such as policies, room assignments, and events like Move In Day.

Do I need to submit my health insurance and immunizations records to apply?

Your health insurance information should be submitted with your housing application. Students may also send their immunization records with their application, which will be forward to the campus Health Center. The Office of Residence Life must be receive proof of health insurance prior to moving in. Immunizations records must be received by the Health Center prior to the start of your first semester.

What if I didn’t get an acceptance letter for the residence halls?

Once the Office of Residence Life has received a completed housing application and full housing deposit, students will begin receiving emails from the office. If you have completed both of these requirements but have not heard from our office, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience!

What is suite/apartment style living?

JCC offers apartment style living, which features a suite of four to five students, two bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area, and a living room all contained in one apartment.

How are room assignments made?

Housing assignments are made on a first come, first served basis based on the date that the $200 housing deposit is made to the Faculty Student Association. The director of Residence Life will then use your suitemate survey results to pair you with suitemates of similar interests. Suitemates can be requested through the suitemate survey.

What staff manages each residence hall?

Each building has a residence director (RD), who is a professional live-in staff member. Each RD then oversees a staff of three resident assistants (RAs) who are student leaders. Each RA is assigned to oversee a floor of their residence hall.

What size are the mattresses in the bedrooms?

Mattresses are twin XL (extra long) that measure 36 x 80 inches.

May I bring a microwave, coffee maker, or mini-fridge?

Microwaves and coffee makers are permitted within the kitchen areas, not individual bedrooms. Since each suite has a full size refrigerator, it is not necessary to bring a mini-fridge. If you opt to bring a mini-fridge, it can be kept in your bedroom but must not exceed 4.5 cubic feet. Check out our packing list for more ideas »

Who do I contact if I need accessibility accommodations?

Contact Accessibility Services to request accessibility accommodations.

What am I allowed to bring for a pet?

Fish are the only acceptable pets allowed in the residence halls and must be in a tank that is less than five gallons. Should you have requests for emotional support animals (ESAs), contact the director of Residence Life and the Office of Accessibility Services. Guidance on service and emotional support animals »

Can I have a car on campus?

Yes, all students can have a car on campus. The Office of Residence Life requests that you complete the car registration form.