Faculty Student Association

Faculty Student Association at JCC

The Faculty Student Association (FSA), an independent non-profit organization, is the prime sponsor of cocurricular activities at the college. It is financed entirely by FSA fees paid by all students and faculty. The corporation is managed by a board of directors consisting of representatives of the college's administration, faculty, staff, and student body, and makes possible many enriching and enjoyable experiences which add to the total college experience. Funds are allocated annually to the Student Senate. FSA also funds other social, cultural, athletic, and recreational programs and services throughout the following committees and boards:

Student government

The officially recognized student governing body is the Student Senate, which meets regularly. Students have a direct voice in all student affairs and many college activities through active participation in the student government. The student governing body operates on budgets allocated by the FSA and may, in turn, allocate funds to student clubs which present appropriate budget requests. They also serve as an advisory board to the president of the college, bringing matters of student concern to their attention and making recommendations which they believe will aid the college in meeting its commitment to students.

Representation is through a general student election on the Jamestown Campus and by petition on the Cattaraugus County Campus. Student government also serves as a vehicle to select students for service on various college-wide committees.

Campus Activity Board

The Campus Activity Board provides a majority of the social and cultural activities at JCC. Live performances, films, speakers, dances, concerts, excursions, noontime programs, and other special programs are sponsored throughout the academic year. Students interested in the experience of planning and implementing programs which fulfill the social, cultural, and educational needs of the student body, faculty, staff, and administration should contact the Campus Life office.


Student clubs provide opportunities for learning and interpersonal skills development outside the classroom. Since the clubs are organized and run by students, they allow for self-direction based on the needs and interests of their members. Groups of students with common interests are encouraged to organize and submit a charter to the Student Senate on the campus which they are attending.

Each group must present a signed list of members, as well as evidence of a commitment from a faculty or staff member to serve as the group's advisor. Many such groups continue from year to year, but new ones are organized annually to serve special interests. Those wishing to obtain more information regarding clubs should contact the Campus Life office.

Student ID cards

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College Program Committee

To enrich the quality of the college experience for students, the College Program Committee plans and directs events that will be attractive to the college community in as many areas of academic and curricular interests as possible. Speakers, performers, events, touring exhibitions, demonstrations, films, and entertainers are brought to the campus each year. Membership on the committee is open to students and faculty with designated representatives coming from each group.

All events throughout the semester are offered free or at a reduced charge to FSA members, and at a nominal fee to the general public. Those wishing to obtain more information about the College Program Committee should contact the Campus Life office.

FSA Activity Board

The FSA Activity Board meets once a month and oversees the organization’s student activity fees funding such departments as Student Senate, Campus Life, the College Program Committee, JCC theatre and art programming, varsity sports, and commencement. Students on the board are voting members and learn how a large organization like FSA allocates funding across the college. Each campus has its own FSA Activity Board.

FSA Executive Board

The FSA Executive Board meets once a month and oversees the organization’s functional areas such as campus stores, food services, Residence Life operations, fitness operations, capital equipment, and personnel.

Intercollegiate athletics

JCC believes that education involves body and spirit as well as the mind. Students at JCC participate in athletics where they can pursue a goal of excellence through personal discipline, striving, and hard work.

JCC is a member of the Western New York Athletic Conference and Region III of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Further details are available from the director of athletics.

Intramural sports, recreation, & fitness

The purpose of intramural sports at JCC is to provide a comprehensive and varied program of both competitive and recreational experiences designed to meet the needs and interests of enrolled students and faculty/staff members. These programs also help to develop lifelong interests and recreational habits. Competition is offered in men's, women's, and coed sports and is provided in the form of leagues, tournaments, and/or special events each semester.

Team and individual sports activities are designed to accommodate all individuals, regardless of skill level and experience. Programs are based on student interest and availability of resources and facilities. Some popular activities include flag football, basketball, volleyball, and floor hockey. Many activities are structured so students, faculty, and staff members can participate together. Awards are presented to winning teams or individuals. Details on eligibility requirements and intramural and recreational activities are available in the Campus Life office.