Student Senate

Student government at JCC

Student Senate is the officially recognized student governing body of Jamestown Community College. Student Senate represents the student body and the community, and has a direct voice in student affairs and college activities.

Student Senate operates on budgets allocated by the Faculty Student Association. Senate charters clubs and organizations and allocates funds. Senate also serves as an advisory board to the president of JCC, bringing attention to concerns and making recommendations so that we continue to meet our commitment to students.

Senate meetings

  • Jamestown Campus and North County Center: Thursdays 12:20-1:20 p.m.
  • Cattaraugus County Campus: Thursdays 12:20-1:20 p.m.

Student leaders

JCC student trustee:

  • Alyssa Drozdiel

Jamestown freshman senators:

  • Summer Clark
  • Desiree Nelson (secretary)
  • Blessings Murombo
  • Ayomide Israel-Akinbo (vice chair)
  • QinDi Gerwitz-Dunn
  • Miracle Berakah

Jamestown sophomore senators:

  • Drew Roggenbaum (chair)
  • Drew Wigren (treasurer)
  • Everina Mustafa-Bennett
  • Jubal Samuelson
  • Maia Suruy
  • Mickale Gilliam

North County student senator:

  • Brandy Rednock

FSA Executive Board:

  • Desiree Nelson

FSA Activity Board:

  • Drew Roggenbaum
  • QinDi Gerwitz-Dunn
  • Drew Wigren

Executive officers:

  • Lindsey Wind, president
  • Alexis Sleggs, vice president
  • Alana Beeson, secretary
  • Kohl Budaj
  • Derek Crimmins
  • Leah Weimer

Join Student Senate

The Student Senate is elected through general student elections following petition on the Jamestown Campus, and by petition on the Cattaraugus County Campus. Positions include executive officers, sophomore and freshman representatives, and student trustee.

    The student trustee is one of 15 voting members on the Jamestown Community College Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is charged with upholding the mission of the college. The student trustee's primary responsibility is to act in the interest of the college by being especially mindful of student interests and to share those interests with the board.

    The student trustee is expected to attend monthly Board of Trustees meetings, may be appointed to sub-committees formed by the board, and regularly gives a brief oral report to the board on issues related to Student Senate, student life, and campus events. Additionally, the student trustee is a non-voting member of the Student Senate and is expected to attend weekly Student Senate meetings during activity hour on Fridays.

    Elections and eligibility: The student trustee is elected each spring during a general election held at all sites, and full-time students shall be allowed to serve a maximum of two academic years. Students eligible to run for student trustee must:

    • be a full-time student at Jamestown Community College,
    • be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 as of the most recent semester, and
    • have completed 24 credit hours (sophomore status) at time of induction (June).