Total Withdrawal Process

How to withdraw from JCC

A student withdrawing totally from Jamestown Community College may officially begin the process with the Success Center. In order to complete the process, the Total Withdrawal Form must be received by the Registrar’s Office no later than 5 p.m. on the last day of classes. Withdrawing can affect a student’s ability to graduate on time, eligibility for financial aid, veteran’s benefits, and housing eligibility.

Review the withdrawal information and discuss your decision with a JCC counselor. Then, if you decide to totally withdraw from JCC, the counselor will provide you with a link to the Total Withdrawal Form.

Dropping all courses vs. withdrawing from college

  • Dropping all courses: prior to the start of the term, a student can drop all courses without meeting with the Success Center. They can contact the Registrar’s Office at 716.338.1018, email, or log into Self-service Banner and drop coursework using the ALT PIN provided by their advisor during the advisement session.
  • Withdrawing from JCC: once the semester begins, a student must meet with the Success Center, and complete the Total Withdrawal Form.

Regardless of timing, students are charged a one-time, non-refundable $85 College Processing Fee upon admission to JCC.

About the Total Withdrawal Form

By signing the Total Withdrawal Form, the student affirms they understand JCC’s withdrawal policy. The student also affirms they understand that they are responsible for outstanding financial obligations. To begin the process of withdrawing from JCC, contact the Success Center.

Withdrawal process

1. Meet with the Success Center

Before withdrawing, you will meet with a counselor to discuss the issues that led you to this decision and various options you might choose other than withdrawing from all of your courses.

After this discussion, if you still want to proceed with a total withdrawal, meet with the Financial Aid, Business, and Residence Life offices (as needed) so that you understand the potential consequences of your decision.

2. Financial aid due to the Financial Aid Office

The financial aid you have received from federal or state sources is awarded to you under the assumption that you will be enrolled for a specified period of time, which is defined as "at least 60% of the semester." Your percentage of time enrolled is based on the number of weeks you have spent in all courses divided by the total number of weeks in the semester.

If you have attended less than 60%, the Financial Aid Office is required to determine if you are eligible to keep any or all of your financial aid from federal or state sources. If it is determined that financial aid must be returned, you will still owe a balance to the college. Contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss what, if any, implications there will be prior to withdrawing from JCC.

3. Tuition & fees due to the Business Office

Withdrawing totally from JCC means that you will be removing yourself from the college. Liability for tuition and fees begins the first day of instruction for the term. Fees are non-refundable as published in the course catalog.

Once withdrawn, you may incur a balance and should review your student bill. It can take a couple weeks from the date a withdrawal is processed in the Registrar’s Office for financial aid to recalculate and tuition adjustments to be reflected on your student bill. Students who totally withdraw shall be liable for payment of tuition and fees and are eligible for reduction in charges according to the following schedule set forth by the NYS SUNY system:

tuition and fees liability and timeline
Timeline Tuition Liability Reduction of Tuition Charges
Prior to 1st day of classes 0% 100%
1st week of semester 25% 75%
2nd week of semester 50% 50%
3rd week of semester 75% 25%
4th week of semester and later 100% 0%

If you have extenuating circumstances for your withdrawal that you believe should be considered for a possible exception to the liability schedule, you may submit a tuition appeal for consideration.

4. Residential Life students

For students who are submitting a total withdrawal from all classes and reside on campus:

  • By withdrawing from all courses you no longer meet the academic requirements to reside in the Hillside Suites; as such you will have 24 hours from the submission of this form to vacate your room.
  • You should make arrangements with your Residence Director (RD) or a Resident Assistant (RA) to check you out of your room and turn in your keys.
  • A total withdrawal per the On-Campus Living Policies constitutes an appeal of the Housing Agreement. You will be responsible for any remaining charges per the College Liability schedule and your security deposit will be forfeited.

5. Grading, future admission, & student conduct 

Once the student discusses the withdrawal with a counselor, and the withdrawal has been processed, “W” grades are recorded on the transcript. Students who complete a total withdrawal must reapply for admission if they decide to return full-time during a later term. Students shall not be exempt from disciplinary proceedings for behavioral infractions which occurred prior to leaving. A withdrawal does not override a student conduct referral.