Appeal Process for Tuition Reduction

Appeal & withdrawal information

Withdrawing from a class or all of your classes means that you have removed yourself from the college. Liability for tuition and fees begins the first day of instruction for the term. Fees are non-refundable as published in the course catalog. Once withdrawn from class(es), you may incur a balance and should review your student bill. It can take a couple weeks from processing a withdrawal for financial aid to recalculate and for tuition adjustments to be made.

Withdrawing from a class or all classes is not the same as dropping and adding a class(es). Learn more about the total withdrawal process »

If you withdraw after the term begins, you are subject to the following withdrawal tuition liability schedule set forth by the New York State SUNY system.

Tuition liability amount based on semester and timeline
Semester/Session Timeline Tuition Liability Reduction of Tuition Charges
Fall semester
Spring semester
Prior to 1st day of classes 0% 100%
1st week of semester 25% 75%
2nd week of semester 50% 50%
3rd week of semester 75% 25%
4th week of semester and later 100% 0%
Summer sessions Prior to 1st day of classes 0% 100%
1st week of session 75% 25%
2nd week of session and later 100% 0%

How to appeal

If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance which justifies an exception to the SUNY tuition liability policy, you may appeal to the Tuition Appeal Committee.

  1. Complete the total withdrawal process. Your withdrawal will be recorded by the date the form is received in the office, not the date of the signatures.
  2. Complete the tuition appeal form, letter of appeal, and supporting documentation to the Business Office to be considered for a reduction in tuition liability.
  3. The Tuition Appeal Committee will review letters of appeal received no later than 120 days from the end of the semester in which the course(s) was offered. Drop/add dates are widely publicized and therefore, appeals based on lack of awareness of those dates and/or received after the deadline will not be reviewed.
  4. Appeals must be made by the student and only after the student has dropped or withdrawn from the College or course(s). Please allow 60 - 90 days for a response. The Tuition Appeal Committee cannot remove or change a grade; this includes any courses that have been withdrawn from and that have received a grade of “W”.
  • Death in the student’s immediate family (parent, sibling, offspring, spouse)
    • Appropriate documentation must be provided: death certificate or obituary
  • Unforeseen medical incapacitation, physical or mental illness (letter from a professional/provider)
    • A brief summary of the illness
    • A specific diagnosis
    • A description of the impact of the medical condition that prohibited the student’s ability to attend class
    • The specific date(s) of medical treatment(s) and/or hospitalization
  • Military duty
    • Copy of orders