Services & Accommodations for Accessibility

Services & accommodations available at JCC

Jamestown Community College offers services and accommodations to assist students with disabilities. To get started, complete JCC's steps to request accessibility services.

Assistive technology

JCC has specialized software and assistive devices available for student use.

  • Text to Speech software: Kurzweil 3000 and Read & Write Gold - reads and highlights typed or scanned materials and web content
  • Speech to Text software: Dragon Naturally Speaking, Siri - students can dictate documents
  • Alternate format textbooks: audio, PDF, and other digital forms
  • Digital recorders and SmartPens: for taking lecture notes
  • CCTV: enlarges text and objects put under camera
  • Personal FM system: Allows amplified direct transmission between instructor and hearing-impaired student

Elevator use

Elevator use is not restricted to those with disabilities.

If you are mobility-impaired and the elevator is out of service, the college will try to contact you and arrange for your classes to be moved to ground level, or to another accessible location, temporarily. If we have not notified you, please call your instructor, the division administrative assistant, Accessibility Services, or Buildings and Grounds to arrange an accessible temporary alternative.

Handicapped parking

Temporary handicapped parking permits are available through the Accessibility Services office. Please provide documentation of temporary impairment and license plate number of vehicle.

Placement testing

If you have a disability and require special testing accommodations (extra time, distraction-reduced setting, audio version, etc.), you can request an individualized testing session.

Service & emotional support animal guidance

JCC is welcoming of individuals with disabilities who use service or emotional support animals (ESA) because of a disability. In regard to permitting service and emotional support animals, JCC complies with state and federal laws regarding individuals with disabilities.

Textbooks in alternate format

Students with a documented print disability may be eligible to receive textbooks in alternate formats. Accessibility Services makes every effort to obtain textbooks in the format requested by the student. Alternative formats are considered based on availability, and timeliness of delivery.

Four to six weeks notice is required to obtain textbooks in alternate formats. A delay in requesting accommodations may result in a delay in accommodations provided. Every effort will be made to meet late requests.

  • Digital talking books
  • Electronic text from the publisher (Word or PDF)
  • Electronic text, scanned and created by Accessibility Services

Voting assistance

The Accessibility Services office is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) voter registration site and can assist individuals with disabilities with registering to vote. Individuals can check out our voter registration information, and/or register on their own.

Workforce Recruitment Program

JCC's Career Services offers the Workforce Recruitment Program, a free program through the U.S. Department of Labor that helps current students and alumni (up to two years post graduation) with disabilities find employment with federal agencies across the U.S.