Request Accessibility Services & Forms

Steps to request accessibility services

1. Schedule a meeting: Contact Don Pool, Accessibility Services coordinator. You can also submit a disability declaration and accommodations request form.

​2. Meet with Accessibility Services to review your needs and how we can help:

3. Access accommodations: A letter authorizing your accommodations will be sent to you to give to your instructors.

Renew your accommodations

As a current student, you will need to renew your accommodations every semester. You can complete the renewal form, or schedule a meeting.

Accessibility forms

Important notes

  • All disability related information is treated confidentially.
  • Disability documentation from high school does not follow you to college.
  • All accommodations are arranged on a case-by-case, course-by-course basis based on review of appropriate documentation, and do not automatically carry over from semester to semester.
  • For requests beyond the Accessibility Services coordinator’s scope of authority, there is a Special Modification Requests Procedure. Written requests are heard by a committee appointed by the academic dean.
  • The college can best meet the needs of students if requests for accommodations are made as soon as possible after a master schedule is published. For students who have a disability requiring services from outside the college, such as alternate media or sign-language interpreters, we strongly urge three months’ advance notice.