Accessibility Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures

Areas of Rescue Assistance

  • Jamestown Campus: Areas of Rescue Assistance are located in marked stairwells in the SHEL, HULT, and CEDC buildings. The areas in SHEL and HULT are equipped with emergency phones that are connected to 911. Fire or police department personnel will evacuate you.
  • Cattaraugus County Campus: use the Areas of Rescue Assistance in the labeled stairwells.
  • North County Center: use the Areas of Rescue Assistance in the labeled stairwells.

For mobility-impaired individuals

  • Use the elevator for all emergencies EXCEPT fire or earthquake.
  • In the event of fire or earthquake, proceed to the Area of Rescue Assistance.
  • If you are unsure what kind of emergency exists, use the stairs or the Area of Rescue Assistance.

For hearing-impaired individuals

  • Alarms are equipped with strobes which flash in the event of an emergency. However, outside of main hallways in older parts of some buildings or in private offices there may be no strobes; be aware of your surroundings and alert to other visual cues.

Your responsibilities

As a student with disabilities or medical conditions who may require assistance with emergency evacuation, it is your responsibility to:

  • Identify yourself to supervisors, faculty, roommates, the Health Centers, and/or residence assistants, indicating the nature of your disability and the type of assistance required in the event of an emergency.
  • Know building and campus evacuation routes. Classroom evacuation maps are located in each classroom beside the door.
  • Make use of a "buddy system."
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