Refunds from JCC

The Business Office issues student refunds. A refund is issued when funds are paid to your account that exceed your tuition, fees, and other student bill charges. Generally, a refund is not issued for aid that has been authorized to your account but not received yet by the college. Funds are received at various times, so you may receive more than one refund.

Students can sign up to receive their refund directly into their bank account or they could receive a check in the mail. If a student chooses to receive a check in the mail it will go to the current address listed on your BANNER account and no further enrollment is required. They are not available for in-person pick-up.

For direct deposit into your bank account, enroll now and set up your account with Student Choice Refunds. This will expedite the receipt of future refunds, select your method of refund from the available options so that you're ready when ​refunds are issued.

Steps to manage refunds

  2. Enter Secure Area
  3. Select Student
  4. Select Student Account
  5. Select View Your Bill
  6. Select Click here to access Nelnet (at the bottom of the student bill)
  7. Update information to establish profile
  8. From Nelnet dashboard select Manage Refunds and follow the steps to set up account for direct deposit

If you have a profile established with Nelnet, an email will be sent to you when a refund has been uploaded to Student Choice Refunds which informs you of the amount and when the money will be deposited in your designated account.

Check your refund status

Description in the REFUND section of the student bill:

  • Pending Refund: account has been reviewed and this amount has been posted to refund on the next upload date
  • Choice Refund ACH: file has been uploaded for processing and you have set up account for direct deposit and will receive email notifying you funds will be deposited to designated account selected
  • Refund: account has been processed to receive a paper refund check – this will populate a check number and date when the check has been cut and it will be mailed out within 48 hours of the check date
  • When Balance Due is zero, all refunds have been issued. If additional funds are received later, the Business Office will issue another refund.

If aid you are expecting is not listed on your bill, check in BANNER all sections under the Financial Aid tab to review your current status.   

Please allow two weeks after funds have been credited as "paid" for your refund to be processed. If receiving paper check, please allow additional mailing time. The Business Office will not consider a check lost in the mail until two weeks after the mail date. Checks received and then lost or stolen should be reported to the Business Office immediately.