Logo Usage & Guidelines

How to use the logo

We increase the awareness and recognition of Jamestown Community College through consistency and proper use of the logo and other brand materials.

Clear space requirements

The JCC logo is most effective when surrounded by as much open space as possible. The x-height of the logo is based on the height of the N in JAMESTOWN. No design elements, type, or photos should come any closer to the logo than the x-height. The actual distance of x will change depending on how large the logo is scaled.

JCC logo with x-height


The logo should always be kept in proper proportion. Always use the approved logo files and use only vector files of the logo when printing, and never try to recreate the logos. If you need to scale the logo, constrain proportions so the height and width are scaled together. To maintain the correct proportions, hold down the shift key as you drag the corner to increase or decrease its size.

JCC logo with scale box


The logos may be enlarged or reduced in size, as long as the size does not compromise quality and legibility. The JCC logo should not appear smaller than 1" wide in any printed material or 100 pixels wide on screen.

JCC logo with 1" scale

Specialized mark

For application needs smaller than the minimum size, use the specialized mark.

JCC specialized mark

Incorrect usage

Do not scale the logo disproportionately so it is wider, taller, thinner, or thicker than the approved proportions.

logo stretched incorrectly

Do not tilt or rotate the logo.

logo rotated incorrectly

Do not change the font or recreate the logo in any way.

logo fonts are incorrect

Do not combine the logo with additional type to make a new logo.

logo has incorrect additional type

Do not use the logo in any color other than those downloaded.

logo color is incorrect

Do not put the full-color logo on a dark background; instead use the white or gold logo.

logo background is incorrect

Do not remove any elements from the logo.

logo element is missing

Do not obstruct the logo with any graphic, image, or additional logo.

logo element is added incorrectly