Academic Forgiveness: Fresh Start

About Fresh Start

Fresh Start is an academic forgiveness policy which provides Jamestown Community College students a second opportunity if they have experienced academic difficulties or have undergone a change of major.

  • Students may apply for Fresh Start once they successfully complete 12 consecutive or concurrent credits graded C or better.
  • Courses in which the student earns a W, WB, or X are disregarded from among the 12 qualifying credits.
  • Courses in which the student earns imputed grades are disregarded from among the 12 qualifying credits.
  • Students may use Fresh Start only once, it cannot be rescinded, and will not be applied to a previously granted degree.

Fresh Start process

1. Meet with the Counseling & Career Center

Before applying, you will meet with a counselor in the Counseling and Career Center to be sure that you:

  • meet the criteria,
  • are matriculated in the correct program, and
  • Fresh Start is appropriate for your situation.

2. Receive application from the Registrar

If you meet the criteria and academic forgiveness is deemed beneficial, you will complete an application, provided by the Registrar.

3. Changes to the student record

Once approved, standard letter grades below a C will be excluded from GPA calculations (unless earned prior to an existing degree or certificate), and Fresh Start – Academic Forgiveness will be noted on your transcript.

Students cannot select which grades to exclude and which to retain.

Excluded courses continue to satisfy pre- and co-requisites, as long as the standard letter grade earned was passing, but they will not satisfy program and general education requirements.