About the Libraries

Welcome to the JCC Libraries

The Libraries at Jamestown Community College provide students, faculty, staff, and the community with the resources to be successful in their academic pursuits, to be better informed in making important decisions in their personal lives, and to help them succeed in their professional endeavors.

  • Hultquist Library: Jamestown Campus | 525 Falconer Street, Jamestown
  • Library: Cattaraugus County Campus | 260 North Union Street, Olean

Mission statement

The JCC Libraries are committed to supporting the mission of Jamestown Community College as a student-centered institution which embraces academic excellence and meets the learning needs of the college and greater community.  As a full partner in the teaching/learning process of the college community, the libraries work with students, faculty, and the community to promote critical thinking, information literacy, and lifelong learning skills.

Vision statement

Jamestown Community College Libraries will contribute to the intellectual, cultural and recreational pursuits of the college classroom and beyond.  The libraries will provide the highest level of support to all library users by offering innovative instruction, relevant resources, and professional services to the college and the greater community in the effective and ethical use of information.  The libraries will analyze and assess on a continuing basis all library services and resources.


  • Commitment to lifelong learning: We are committed to lifelong learning, intellectual inquiry, and the promotion of effective communication, collaboration, and a greater understanding of the world in which we live.
  • Critical thinking and information literacy skills: We value the importance of incorporating information literacy and critical thinking across curricula, in all programs and services, fostering collaboration among all college constituents.
  • Intellectual freedom: We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom for academic libraries.
  • User centered: We strive to maintain collections, services, technology, and facilities that support all users’ needs.
  • Social responsibility: We respect and embrace diverse scholarship, multiple perspectives, and the ideals of sustainability.

Gifts & donations

The JCC Libraries welcome donations that support our collection development activities and the needs of the college's academic programs. Donations may be directed to support a particular library program, collection area, or most immediate needs.

When appropriate, a bookplate will be placed in each book purchased, detailing who donated the volume and the name of the person or occasion honored or memorialized. The Libraries will send a letter to the honoree or the family of the person memorialized to inform them of the donation, with an acknowledgement card sent to the donor.

When donating materials to the JCC Libraries, consider the following:

  • Gifts of books and materials which meet the library’s selection criteria will be accepted.
  • All materials accepted become the property of the library without restrictions by the donor.
  • Gifts which prove to be duplicates or inappropriate for the collection may be handled by the library by exchange, resale, donation, or discard.
  • Textbooks, condensed books, and worn paperbacks are not accepted.
  • The library will not appraise gift materials for tax purposes.
  • Gifts or money to purchase library material will be given proper recognition.