Peer Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring support

Jamestown Community College’s peer tutoring program allows you to work one-on-one with trained peer tutors, who are current students recommended to us by our faculty. You can meet with a peer tutor on campus or at a distance via Zoom.

Peer tutoring can support your success by helping you:

  • Review and clarify course concepts
  • Answer questions and solve academic problems
  • Prepare for exams
  • Develop and organize ideas for written assignments
  • Improve your study skills

How does peer tutoring work?

How much does tutoring cost? It’s free!

In which courses do you offer tutoring? We offer tutoring in many JCC courses. Most of our tutorials are in math, English, and health sciences.

  1. You can check if your course has a tutor by selecting Courses in your Starfish menu and finding the purple tutoring icon beside your course name.
  2. If your course does not have the purple tutoring icon, reach out to your instructor for assistance. Learning Center coordinators may also be able to connect you with support.

How do I get the most out of my appointment? Ask for assistance as soon as you need it. Attempt coursework before asking for help, and be prepared for your appointment by having course materials on-hand (notes, textbooks, etc.) and questions prepared.

What can I expect from my tutor? Tutors provide extra academic support, but they are not teachers and will not present content to you. You will need to have attended class, provide the tutorial content, and have questions ready to discuss.

How do I connect with my tutor? You can meet with a tutor face-to-face in the Learning Commons or via Zoom. If you choose a Zoom appointment, a link will be sent to your JCC email.

What happens if I can’t make it to my appointment? You can cancel and reschedule using Starfish.