Career Planning

Planning your career & education

The Counseling and Career Center at Jamestown Community College can help you prepare for life after college. Schedule an appointment to work with a counselor on exploring your interests and learning about careers and related college majors.

Step 1: Explore your interests

Career assessment tools can help you learn more about what motivates you and provide you with a list of possible career options. Spend time reflecting on who you are and what is important to you.

Step 2: Learn about careers & majors

As you explore your interests and learn how you want to use your skills in the workplace, you can research careers you want to have, and which degrees support those careers.

It’s ok to change your mind or not know what you want to do, both now and in the future. Take time to explore your options, and set up a meeting with a JCC counselor if you have any questions.

Career and education planning resources:

Topics for career research:

  • Nature of work
  • Job responsibilities
  • Salary and benefits
  • Education, training, and/or experience needed
  • Working conditions
  • Employment outlook
  • Opportunities for advancement within the field
  • Employment location

Step 3: Plan your education & job search

Your counselor can help you choose which JCC program best supports your career goals. While at JCC, you can complete an internship or job placement to see if your current career choice is the right fit for you.

After you complete your program, we can help you transfer to four-year colleges and universities. We can also help you prepare to enter the workforce with resume and cover letter help, interview skills, and finding open positions.