Register for Your Online Course

Register at JCC

Register for your online degree or certificate by applying to Jamestown Community College. You’ll select your program and online designation during the application process. If you have any questions, our Admissions team is happy to help you.

You’ll also be able to meet with your advisor and complete the advising process.

Register for individual courses as a part-time student through Banner (current students) or with our forms (new students).

Paying your tuition

The cost of your program or individual courses will be charged according to JCC’s tuition and fees. After you register for courses, you can view your student bill online and choose payment options by logging in to Banner.

Withdrawal procedure

If you decide you do not want to finish your online course, you must be officially removed.

Tuition liability schedule based on semester dates
Fall & Spring Semester Dates Fees Tuition Liability
Prior to first day of class Fees refunded 0%
1st week of instruction Fees NOT refunded 25%
2nd week of instruction Fees NOT refunded 50%
3rd week of instruction Fees NOT refunded 75%
4th week of instruction Fees NOT refunded 100%