Scholarships & Memorial Funds through the JCC Foundation

Making college a possibility through scholarships & awards

Jamestown Community College is committed to the belief that a college education should be within the reach of every student. Over the years, many supporters have created funds to promote study in a favorite program, honor a loved one, or help meet other special needs.

Your gift can establish an endowment, award a one-time scholarship in their name, or help fund other projects and scholarships at JCC. The JCC Foundation will work with you to determine the details of the award.

Planning the award

Your gift can be named in honor of an individual, organization, foundation, or corporation. As a donor, you will decide the area of support and the basic terms of the award, such as the award level and how the recipient is selected. No programs may discriminate among applicants on the basis of race, gender, religious preference, or ethnic origin.

Tribute or memorial gifts are gifts that are designated as "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" someone who is cherished by the donor. We frequently receive tribute gifts from family and friends of people associated with the college. In accordance with the donor's wishes, a gift receipt is sent to the donor and an acknowledgement of the gift is sent to the family of the person in whose name the gift is made.

How the awards are funded

Endowments are permanent funds in which the principle is held in perpetuity and only the investment is expended annually (payout). Annual scholarships can be established with an outreach gift of $250. Unlike an endowed scholarship, an annual scholarship is not a permanent fund and awarded only as long you choose to contribute to the fund.

Getting started

Contact the JCC Foundation at 716.338.1010 to learn more about creating an award and plan the details of your giving.

Current scholarships & awards

The USA Scholarship provides first-time, full-time high school graduates with NYS Regents or PA college preparation track diplomas, ranked in the top 20 percent of their graduating class, with up to four semesters of NYS resident tuition not covered by JCC tuition waivers or by PELL, TAP, or PA State Grant. Since the USA Scholarship's inception in 1979, JCC has distributed $6 million to more than 3,000 students.

The following endowed USA Scholarship Funds have been established through the JCC Foundation:

  • The USA Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Judy and John Anderson USA Scholarship
  • Je'Anne Bargar Memorial USA Scholarship
  • Robert W. Biehler Memorial USA Scholarship
  • Carnahan-Jackson USA Scholarship
  • Cutco Foundation USA Scholarship
  • Dr. Gregory T. DeCinque USA Scholarship
  • Dresser-Rand USA Scholarship
  • Winifred Dibert USA Scholarship
  • JCC Faculty Association USA Scholarship
  • Katherine E. Ganz Scholarship Fund
  • Erick Laine USA Community Scholarship Fund
  • Lake Shore Savings USA Scholarship
  • Sheridan E. Spicer Memorial USA Scholarship
  • Thelma K. McAuliffe-Spicer Memorial USA Scholarship
  • Elizabeth S. Lenna Foundation USA Scholarship
  • Glenn A. Miller Scholarship Fund
  • Robert Maytum/DFT USA Scholarship 
  • Richard L. and Pauline Murray USA Scholarship
  • Ruth Walrod USA Scholarship
  • Webber Knapp USA Scholarship
  • Sarita Weeks USA Scholarship
  • Jim and Georgia Wellman Family USA Scholarship

There are many general scholarship funds that students can apply for through the JCC Financial Aid Office. They include:

  • The Henry Bridges and Jeanne Bridges Mellow Scholarship
  • The Carnahan-Jackson Scholarship
  • The Dr. John Collins Memorial Scholarship
  • The Daniel W. Ebersole Memorial Scholarship
  • The Hestia Fund
  • The Katharine Jackson Carnahan Scholarship
  • The Curtis D. Johnson Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The New York Firefighters Foundation Scholarship
  • The Olean High School Class of 1972 Scholarship
  • The Joe Paar Memorial Scholarship
  • The Rev. Bernard Paterniti Memorial Scholarship
  • The Margaret M. Patterson Scholarship
  • The Clara M. Savaree Memorial Scholarship
  • John and Lena Sinatra Memorial Soap Box Derby Fund
  • The Douglas Skuggen Memorial Fund
  • The James J. Snyder Single Parent Scholarship Fund
  • The Thomas Trusso Sr. and Roger Loop Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ruth Benson Walrod Scholarship
  • The Kayleigh E. Wilday Memorial Scholarship
  • The Jason Thomas Wogick Memorial Scholarship

There are many scholarship funds for which students in specific majors can apply through the JCC Financial Aid Office. They include:

  • ​The Dr. Harold M. and Joyce S. Childress Scholarship Fund (healthcare)
  • The Community Bank Scholarship (business administration)
  • The James A. Comstock Memorial Scholarship (math and science)
  • The Cooper Power Scholarship (engineering, computer, or science)
  • The Stephanie Foti Memorial Scholarship (psychology or business)
  • The Emma Galloway Nursing Scholarship (nursing)
  • The Mark Galway Scholarship (psychology)
  • The Lula P. Glidden Nursing Award (textbooks for nursing)
  • Dr. Raymond H. Johnson Jr. Memorial Scholarship (chemistry, transferring to a four-year institution)
  • The Paul W. Kelly Memorial Scholarship (mechanical technology)
  • The George F. Mayer Scholarship (business, computer science, or nursing)
  • The Adele Maytum Hunter Nursing Scholarship (nursing)
  • The Dr. Robert G. Ney Memorial Scholarship (education, transferring to a four-year institution)
  • New York State Federation of Home Bureaus Scholarship (nursing)
  • The Post-Journal Scholarship (communication)
  • The Rehabilitation Center Scholarship (human services or nursing)
  • The Ted Smith Biology Scholarship (biology or environmental science)
  • The Varmee Professional Health Scholarship (careers requiring medical licensing)
  • The Raoul Wallenberg Scholarship (social sciences, transferring to a four year institution)
  • Acu-Rite Basketball Scholarship
  • Carroll and Dolores Anstaett Scholarship
  • George Bataitis Athletic Fund
  • Rob Benson Memorial Fund
  • Axel E. Bloomquist Kids' College Scholarship
  • Charles D. Brininger Chemistry Award
  • Kyle Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Susan Carlson Book Fund
  • Mary Rose Chasler Nursing Necessities Fund
  • Steve William Cornell Memorial Scholarship
  • Ted Dynys Fund
  • Faculty Association Scholarship
  • Stephanie Foti Memorial Scholarship
  • Emma Galloway Nursing Scholarship
  • Mark Galway Scholarship
  • Katherine Ganz Scholarship
  • Dan Gilhula Theatre Arts Scholarship
  • Global Scholarship Fund Grant
  • Terrence Grant & Co. Scholarship
  • Ralph and Onnolee Hanigan Scholarship
  • Holmberg Scholarship Program
  • Charles M. Johnson Scholarship
  • Jamestown Cycle Shop Athletic Scholarship
  • Jamestown Campus Alumni Association High School Bowl Scholarship
  • Jamestown Campus Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Jamestown Campus Alumni Association Textbook Scholarship
  • Elaine S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Denise Joy Fund
  • Andrew Kibler Memorial Scholarship
  • Phyllis Kraemer Memorial Scholarship
  • Erick J. Laine Community Scholarship
  • Jacqueline G. Lanphere Scholarship   
  • Lawrence V. and Patricia J. Leising Memorial Scholarship
  • Ben Lockwood Memorial Fund
  • Juanita Mauro Giddy Nursing Award
  • Maytum Family Technology Fund
  • Pat McGee Nursing Scholarship
  • Joseph T. Minarovich Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank Petiprin Sophomore Computer Science Award
  • Willie Rosas Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • Bob Sassone Athletic Fund
  • Scandinavian Studies Endowment Fund
  • Scharmann Theatre Fund
  • John D. Shortencarier Memorial Scholarship
  • Veteran Scholarship Fund in Memory of Traci Maybach
  • The Sarita Weeks Visual Arts Endowment Fund
  • Workforce Development Scholarship
  • Jessie Zeiders Persistence Scholarships Fund