Weeks Gallery Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibition:
"Out of Paper"

October 10 through December 14, 2022
Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony - October 20, 6:30-8 p.m.

The Weeks Gallery is pleased to present "Out of Paper", an exhibition featuring works by nine individual artists who use paper in many different ways, some in ways you might expect, to print or paint on, or to make books, others explore its sculptural possibilities, or turn what is analog, digital. Some of their paper is commercially made, some is recycled, some is made by the artists themselves, and in the hands of each artist the ubiquitous is transformed into something unique. The exhibition is curated by the Weeks Gallery's Visiting Curator and local artist Debra Eck.

"Paper is such a mundane thing, even in today’s digital world, it is still everywhere. We often forget how revolutionary the technology of paper was, without it the printing press could not have produced cheaper books, and the course of European history would have been drastically different. Paper and printing also created new art forms, like wood block, lithography and etching. No paper, no origami, or papier mâché, or sketchbooks, or junk mail!" ~ Deb Eck

Read Debra's full curatorial statement here.

Exhibiting artists are Wendy Bale, Jamestown, NY, Sarah Brown-Milspaw, Westfield, NY,  Bob Collignon, Buffalo, NY, Jill Dawson, Westford, VT, Julie Dodd, Bromborough, UK, Linda Kissel Collignon, Buffalo, NY, Cecilia Price, Lockport, NY, Carrie Tredo, Westfield, NY and Janna Willoughby-Lohr, Buffalo, NY.

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