Facilities & Vehicle Reservations

Facilities work orders

Use this form for any work request, custodial request, or office/classroom move request. Be as specific as possible with your submissions.

Once you submit your work order request, it is sent to our team to address. You will be informed of the status of your request through the work order.

Facilities reservations

Use this form for facilities requests such as events, rentals, room reservations, event set-up requests, sporting events, and anything related to making reservations through EMS.

If your event includes food or special set up, submit your form early so you can review college agreements and guidelines regarding:

  • Alcohol on college property
  • Catering and exclusivity on values over $100
  • Technology availability in specific rooms
  • JCC’s tobacco-free policy

Access cards & keys

Vehicle reservations

To reserve a vehicle, contact Buildings and Grounds.

  • You must be an approved driver to use one of the college vehicles. To become an approved driver or check your status, email Human Resources.
  • If you are traveling more than 300 miles or for more than three days in a row, it is recommended that you rent a vehicle from Enterprise: Enterprise vehicle rental form (.xlt)

Instructions for college vehicle use 

  • Fill up the gas tank before returning the vehicle back to campus so it is ready to go for the next person. Do not leave it on empty. A credit card is provided for this reason.
  • Remove all garbage and personal belongings before returning the vehicle.
  • You must fill out the vehicle mileage in (beginning odometer reading) and out (ending odometer reading) on the front of the key envelope.
  • If there are any items needing attention (e.g. service light is on, strange noise heard from vehicle, etc.) please indicate this on the key envelope provided.
  • Return keys immediately upon your arrival back to campus. Put them in the key drop box outside or on the desk in Buildings and Grounds office. Do not use the interoffice mail to return them.