Cost of Attendance

How much does JCC cost?

Jamestown Community College includes estimates for direct and indirect costs when awarding financial aid to help you meet your college-related needs. Some JCC programs of study have additional costs that are not included in the figures provided. Refer to your course program for more information.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Annual refers to fall and spring semesters; summer study is not included. A detailed list of fees can also be found in the JCC credit course schedule.

For tuition purposes, New York residency means that you have lived in New York state as a permanent resident for 12 months prior to the start of the semester. You must verify your residency through the Business Office every academic year.

Annual full-time cost of attendance (12 credits or more)

Annual full-time cost of attendance based on tuition and fees
Type of Tuition/Fee Cost - Living with Parent Cost - Living off Campus Cost - Living in Residence Halls
NYS resident tuition* $5,200 $5,200 $5,200
Fees (direct and indirect) $4,846 $4,846 $4,246
Room and board (housing and meals) $3,250 $9,500 $11,210
NYS resident COA $13,296 $19,546 $20,656
Nonresident tuition $10,400 $10,400 $10,400
Nonresident COA $18,496 $24,746 $25,856

*Tuition rate reflected for non-Excelsior recipients.

Part-time attendance (less than 12 credit hours)

Tuition is charged at $217 per credit hour for New York State residents and $433 per credit hour for non-residents. Many fees are also charged by the credit hour. Tuition and fees »

Federal law requires all colleges and universities to provide a net price calculator so you can compare costs at a variety of schools. The calculator provides a preliminary estimate of the cost to attend JCC full-time and financial aid students have recently received. Your unique circumstances will ultimately determine the kind of aid you might receive at JCC.

Use the Net Price calculator »

Students who receive Title IV aid (PELL, ACG, SEOG, Stafford loans) and withdraw from all classes may have their awards reduced and will be responsible to repay any aid disbursed that they are subsequently ineligible to receive. Refunds are paid in the following order: Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), PLUS Loans, Pell, SEOG Grants, required refunds of other federal, state, private, or institutional assistance, to the student.

Students who withdraw their registration from any or all classes shall be liable for payment of tuition and fees, and are eligible for refunds according to the following schedule:

Tuition and fees liability schedule
Semester/Session Tuition Liability Reduction of Tuition Charges
Prior to 1st day of classes 0% 100%
1st week of semester 25% 75%
2nd week of semester 50% 50%
3rd week of semester 75% 25%
4th week of semester and later 100% 0%
Prior to 1st day of classes (summer session) 0% 100%
1st week of session (summer session) 75% 25%
2nd week of session and later (summer session) 100% 0%
  • Students participating in drop/add procedures during the first week of classes will not be assessed charges for dropped classes required for course schedule changes.
  • All refunds are based on the date withdrawal forms are completed and filed with the registrar's office. Exceptions to this policy will be considered under extenuating circumstances.
  • Students must complete an affidavit for a certificate of residence that indicates permanent New York state residency for 12 months prior to the start of classes.
  • Students may pay with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards in person or by calling the Business Office.