Financial Aid

Receiving financial aid at JCC

At Jamestown Community College, we recognize that paying for a college education is a significant commitment. Attending college is one of the biggest investments a student will make, and the Financial Aid Office is committed to helping students understand their bill and maximize financial aid from all possible sources. We’re here to help you every step of the way so you can focus on making the most of your JCC education.

Annual tuition for 2022-2023: $5,300 in-state tuition

JCC's annual tuition for 2022-23 is $5,300 in-state tuition, and $10,600 nonresident tuition.


    Borrowers making less than $125,000 annually or families making less than $250,000 annually may be eligible to have $10,000 in student loan debt cancelled. Additionally, borrowers who received Pell grants in college may receive an extra $10,000, totally $20,000 in forgiveness.

    The Department of Education will have income data for any borrower who completed a FAFSA in 2021-22. For those who did not, an application will be available in September.

    New York State residents planning to attend a State University of New York college should apply for the New York Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

    TAP is available for eligible students taking 6 or more credit hours per semester in their program of study.

    TAP awards are based on NYS net taxable income and other factors. FAFSA applicants will link to the TAP application if:

    • You are a New York State resident, and
    • You included at least one approved NYS college on your FAFSA.


    Step-by-step process for financial aid

    Step 1: Prepare

    1. Know the costs
    2. Estimate your financial aid with the net price calculator
    3. Apply for scholarships through Awardspring
    4. Talk to your high school counselor

    Step 2: Complete applications

    1. Apply for admission to JCC
    2. Create FSA ID at (one for parent, one for student)
    3. Complete the FAFSA at (JCC school code: 002869)
    4. Complete housing application if you live on campus
    5. Complete state aid applications
      1. NYS application (JCC school code: 2085)
      2. PA state application

    Step 3: Finalize your student account

    1. Review your financial aid in Banner
    2. Review and complete unsatisfied requirements for financial aid in Banner
    3. Set up payment plan
    4. Complete Direct Loan Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling if borrowing loans
    • SUNY Smart Track: free resource with tools and services to help you prepare for your financial future