Welcome to the Robert Lee Scharmann Theatre. We're located on the Jamestown Campus of Jamestown Community College, in the Arts and Sciences Center. The Scharmann Theatre hosts dozens of cultural events and lectures a year. We're also home to the JCC Uncommoners, a theater group that puts on two productions annually. Check out our box office for ticket information.

HistoryRobert Lee Scharmann

In 1956, Robert Lee Scharmann came to JCC to teach English and drama. Heintended to stay for one year, but instead he remained for the rest of his life. Within months of his arrival, Robert Scharmann began doing plays. The first few were at various sites around Jamestown, but not long after he moved into a small college theater in the abandoned elementary school that was being renovated as the first instructional building on JCC’s Falconer Street campus.

Scharmann’s personality and direction called forth brilliant collegiate productions and established theater as a preeminent student and cultural activity. Theater became so central to JCC that the trustees decided to include a full proscenium theater in the college’s building plans in 1968, and to name it the Robert Lee Scharmann Theatre after his death on May 10, 1976.

A generous bequest from Robert Scharmann allows for support of special theater projects. These have included residencies, visits from national and international theater companies, and awards for JCC’s students.

Robert T. Schlick, coordinator of the Scharmann Theatre at the college since the fall of 1996, was a student of Robert Scharmann’s. In 2003, Steven Gustafson became the current technical director.  Together, they have made sure the life of the theater at JCC continues…

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