Occupational Therapy (Master of Occupational Therapy) (Keuka College)

Guarantees acceptance, with junior standing, into Keuka's Bachelor of Science/Master of Science degree program in Occupational Therapy (BS/MS OT) to JCC students who graduate with an Associate in Applied Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant (AAS OTA) degree and a minimum cumulative JCC grade point average of 3.00, take additional specified courses, earn minimum grades of C in all transferred courses, and meet all other admission standards set forth in the Keuka college catalog. Students who take all additional specified JCC courses can complete the BS OT in two years and the MS OT in an additional one year, for a total of three years to the master's degree. Keuka may, pending successful course completion at Keuka, provisionally accept students who have not taken all of the additional specified courses. The guarantee of acceptance is for at least three qualified JCC students per year. JCC will select these students following completion of their first year of OTA coursework, and they will begin coursework at Keuka in the fall semester following their graduation from JCC. Keuka may choose to admit more than three AAS OTA graduates to the BS/MS OT program in any given year. All other AAS OTA students can formally apply to Keuka, and will be considered for admittance within the usual pool of applicants. Students in this category who apply to and are selected by Keuka, either for the year immediately following graduation from JCC or for any subsequent start year at Keuka, will be afforded the same opportunities to transfer JCC coursework toward meeting Keuka degree requirements as students admitted under the conditions of this agreement. Keuka will accept up to 90 transfer credits from JCC. A minimum of 120 total credits is required for a Keuka bachelor's degree, with at least 60 of those credits in liberal arts coursework. (latest update 2020)

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Occupational Therapy (Master of Occupational Therapy)
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