Land Surveying Technology (A.A.S.) (SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry) (1+1 Agreement)

Guarantees acceptance to all 26 SUNY ESF programs of study for JCC students who earn an appropriate minimum cumulative grade point average (3.0 for engineering programs, 2.8 for other bachelor’s degree programs, 2.5 for associate’s degree programs) and complete specified JCC coursework with no grade less than C.  Students who transfer into a bachelor’s program do so with full junior standing, and can complete the degree in four semesters (six semesters for the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture) at ESF.  Those who transfer into an associate degree program can complete the degree in two semesters at ESF.  Students can transfer toward meeting requirements for their intended ESF degree all recommended JCC courses outlined in the ESF/JCC Transfer Articulation Guidelines.  At least 24 of the last 30 credits required for the ESF degree must be completed through ESF. (latest update 2019)

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SUNY College of Enviro Sci. & Forestry
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Land Surveying Technology (A.A.S.) (1+1 Agreement)