Apply to the Sheriff's Academy

Before you apply

All candidates must meet New York state statutes as required by the Municipal Training Council as they pertain to state certification of police officers. These standards are outlined in the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Academy Rules and Procedures Manual.

  • Candidates must be a resident of Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, or Allegany counties to attend this academy.
  • Candidates must be at least 20 years old to attend and must be 21 prior to the last day of the Academy, which is typically in May. Civil service law may prevent some candidates over the age of 35 from becoming full-time police officers.
  • Candidates are not required to possess a New York State pistol permit; however, you are required to be in the application process. 

Application process

1. Complete the prescreen application

There are a limited number of seats available for the Academy program, and you should consider completing the prescreen application as soon as possible, with applications being accepted January 1 until April 15.

The 2022 prescreen application link is closed. Applications for 2023 will be accepted after January 1, 2023.

2. Background packet and continued application

Once your prescreen application is completed and approved, you will receive a link to a background packet with additional information and requirements. Completing these stages does not guarantee acceptance into the Academy.

Additional requirements include:

  1. Intensive background investigation (Note: Felony conviction will bar admittance. Misdemeanor conviction may bar admittance.)
  2. Psychological profiling
  3. Medical screening exam
  4. Pre-employment physical agility screening
    1. Males 20-29: Sit-ups (38 in one minute); push-ups (29 in no time limit); 1.5 mile (12:38 or less)
    2. Males 30-39: Sit-ups (35 in one minute); push-ups (24 in no time limit); 1.5 mile (12:58 or less)
    3. Females 20-29: Sit-ups (32 in one minute); push-ups (15 in no time limit); 1.5 mile (14:50 or less)
    4. Females 30-39: Sit-ups (25 in one minute); push-ups (11 in no time limit); 1.5 mile (15:43 or less)
  5. Oral board interview
  6. Civil Service list standings, if applicable (check with the county where you reside. There is no requirement to be on the competitive Civil Service list to be accepted into the Academy.)

3. Appointment by law enforcement agency

Candidates must be appointed by the law enforcement in their jurisdiction.

If you reside in Chautauqua County, acceptance will include appointment. Appointments are made by the Sheriff.

If you reside in Cattaraugus County or Allegany County, you must obtain appointment through an agency. Appointments are made by the Sheriff or Chiefs.

4. After acceptance into the Academy: apply to Jamestown Community College

All candidates accepted in the program must enroll and be accepted at JCC, which will make you eligible for college or veteran related financial aid. All college fees may apply (tuition, FSA fees, etc.) in addition to lab fees to cover ammunition and related supplies, a modest investment in books and uniforms, and a Sheriff’s Department fee for non-academic instruction.

If you have never attended JCC on a full-time basis, you must complete all college entrance requirements. Admissions procedures and forms can be obtained through the Sheriff’s Academy at 716.338.1021.

Chautauqua County and Cattaraugus County students should have at least 42 college credits prior to attending the academy with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The fall semester will provide 18 credits, thus giving the student the 60 credits necessary to take the civil service exam which is offered in November as called for by the Chautauqua County Human Resources Office.

Allegany County students may have different college credit requirements.

Consult the Civil Service guidelines of your county for more information.