Individual Studies (Certificate)

Create your career skill set at JCC

The Individual Studies certificate at Jamestown Community College prepares you to enter the workforce after graduation and pursue careers based on your interests and career goals.

JCC students can use the certificate to build a tailored career skill set.

In the Individual Studies certificate, you will:

  • Customize your field of study
  • Earn a SUNY accredited certificate that demonstrates your skill set in the workforce
  • Take SUNY general education courses, which are guaranteed to transfer to any other SUNY institution
  • Work one-on-one with your advisor to plan your certificate and skills you want to hone

Where to study at JCC

Individual studies skills

After you complete the program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic competency in college-level quantitative reasoning skills, including arithmetic, algebra, and data analysis.
  • Demonstrate competency in college level reading and writing skills.
  • Recognize the value of learning as an ongoing process and understand their role in directing that process through individualizing a program of study.

Planning your first semester

If you have a field that you want to study with the flexibility of the Individual Studies program, check out our suggested Semester 1 schedules for each career community. The schedules provide a solid foundation for their programs, with the flexibility to apply to other career communities if you later choose a different field of study.

Semester 1

Requirements Met

ENG 1510: English Composition I


Social Sciences Elective


Program Core Electives

  • Careful advisement is important to match this open-ended program with the needs of the student, including both career and transfer opportunities. Course selection should be made deliberately with the student’s goals in mind.
  • This certificate is not approved for Title IV financial aid. Students enrolled in this certificate are not eligible to receive federal financial aid (PELL, SEOG, or Direct loans).

Semester 2

Requirements Met

Mathematics and Sciences Elective


Program Core Electives