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Healthcare Studies (Certificate)

Earn a certificate in healthcare studies

You can earn a certificate in healthcare studies at Jamestown Community College and learn what it’s like to work in a health environment while exploring numerous career pathways. You’ll develop critical study strategies to pass science courses and acquire qualifications that make you a top job candidate, all within a year.

Our advisors, who specialize in the field, will help you explore and identify a career path in clinical healthcare. JCC’s certificate courses also will help you discover what it’s like to work as a healthcare professional as you learn foundational knowledge about the human body and disease and acquire communication, math, and soft skills. You can also earn related healthcare certifications while at JCC.

The healthcare studies program will help you obtain entry-level health related jobs such as personal care aide, medical assistant, and dental assistant. The program also serves as a ladder into associate degree programs such as nursing, occupational therapy assistant, dental hygiene, radiologic technology, and medical assisting. Students who enroll in this certificate may also simultaneously enroll in any of JCC’s two-year programs. For example, a student may select to dual enroll in this certificate and the A.A.S. Individual Studies/Pre-Nursing program.

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Study Opportunities

  • Ladder into advanced healthcare programs, such as registered nursing or occupational therapy assistant

Make Connections

  • Connect to local healthcare certifications such as phlebotomy, certified nurse assistant, and emergency medical technology

Certifications at JCC

AED | Barrier Precautions / Infection Control | CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers | Epinephrine auto-injector | First aid / responding to emergencies | HIIPA laws | Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) | Phlebotomy

Related Majors

Employer need and job growth

Local healthcare providers have noted a large, current need for medical scribes, medical assistants with certifications in ECG or phlebotomy, and patient care coordinators, including bilingual capabilities. They have stated that job candidates with this Healthcare Studies certificate will be considered stronger employment prospects than potential job candidates without the certificate.

Regionally, entry-level healthcare jobs relevant to this certificate have experienced growth ranging from 0.3% to 3.3%.

According to the 2/14/18 JOBS eQ Economic Overview: Cattaraugus County, New York, “over the next 10 years, the fastest growing occupation group in Cattaraugus County, New York is expected to be Healthcare Support Occupations with a +0.4% year-over-year rate of growth. The strongest forecast by number of jobs over this period is expected for Personal Care and Service Occupations (+57 jobs) and Healthcare Support Occupations (+32).”

Jobs and programs after JCC

Obtain an entry-level healthcare job Ladder into an A.A.S. healthcare program

Certified nurse assistant
Clinical medical assistant
Clinical receptionist
Computed tomography
Dental assisting
Dental laboratory technology
Diagnostic medical sonography
Dispensing optician
EKG technician
ER admit clerks
Emergency medical technology
Home health care aide
Licensed practical nurse
Massage therapy
Medical assistant
Medical scribe
Patient care coordinator
Pharmacy assistant
Veterinary assistant
Ward clerks

Cardiovascular technology
Dental hygiene
Diagnostic medical sonographer
Dispensing optician
Massage therapy
Medical assistant
Occupational therapy assistant
Patient care technician
Pharmacy technician
Physical therapy assistant
Polysomnographic technology
Radiologic technology
Radiation therapy technology
Respiratory care
Registered nurse
Sterile processing technician
Surgical technology
Ultrasound technology
Veterinary technology
Vision care technology

50% of program
Available Online
Available on
Both Campuses


Minimum program credit hours: 28

Program Codes
Degree Option
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
9 credit hours
ENG 1510: English Composition I

(or higher)

PSY 1510: General Psychology3
MAT 1500: Problem Solving with Mathematics

(or higher)

Core Requirements
19 credit hours
HCR 1200: Introduction to Healthcare Studies3
HCR 1210: Introduction to Disease1
BIO 1500: Human Biology or BIO 2510: Anatomy and Physiology I4

Choose from the following:

BIO 1450: Emergency Medical Technology7
BIO 1500: Human Biology4
BIO 1510: Health Science3
BIO 1570: Principles of Biology I or BIO 1575: Biology: A Molecular Approach4
BIO 1710: Personal Health and Safety3
BIO 2510: Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 2520: Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 2531: Microbiology3
BIO 2532: Microbiology Lab1
BIO 2760: Nutrition3
CHE 1500: Introduction to Chemistry3
CHE 1530: Allied Health Chemistry3
CHE 1550: College Chemistry I4
CHE 1560: College Chemistry II4
CMM 1610: Public Speaking3
CMM 2100: Communication at Work3
CMM 2500: Interpersonal Communication3
CSC 1560: Computer App Software I4
CSC 1610: Computer Programming for SCI/ENR3
HIT 1410: Medical Terminology3
HIT 1420: Health Data Procedures3
HUM 1510: Achievement And Self3
HUM 1550: Life/Career Planning2
HUS 1210: Introduction to Human Services3
INT 1500: Master Student2
INT 1520: Student Success Seminar1
PHE 1310: Healthy Weight Management3
PHE 1510: Intro to Fitness2
PHE 1530: Fundamentals of Movement2
PHE 1590: Principles of Fitness & Wellness3
PHE 1620: Fitness Concepts & Applications2
Important Points
  • Because the topic sequence varies among colleges, it is strongly recommended that both A & P I and II are taken at the same institution to prevent transfer problems.