Joshua Zeiders-Weber

Senior Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

I teach a variety of psychology courses at Jamestown Community College. I also act as the College Connections psychology liaison. My favorite aspect of my job is watching my students grow intellectually and as critical thinkers throughout the courses I teach by challenging them to challenge themselves to think outside of their box. I am also the Anime Club co-advisor. To all of my current and future students: You need to read more. Read anything. Trust me. You could always read more. Don’t know what to read? Ask a librarian. It is their job. Librarians scare you? Weird. They seem really cool to me. Then ask me instead. I have a curated booklist I would be happy to provide for you. Learn something new already!

I am an alumnus of JCC, and after completing my associate's in Social Sciences, I went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in psychology from SUNY Potsdam. Following my time at SUNY Potsdam, I received my Master's of Science degree in educational psychology from Walden University where I did research in video games and Jungian psychology.

My usual schedule consists of me teaching a lot of general psychology, but I also teach a number of other courses including Transpersonal Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, and Vikings!: Fact and Fiction. I am also running an Inquiry course called Just Breathe: Your Mind and You. My academic passions are multi-culturally focused in consciousness, mindfulness meditation, cognitive development, and learning.

My hobbies include reading, writing, yoga, swimming, hiking, meditation, playing video games, playing Dungeons and Dragons, baking bread, gardening, mead making, and beekeeping. I try to keep busy doing things I enjoy and doing things my family can enjoy with me. My favorite color is azure. My superpower of choice is to be able to heal others, and you all can just call me Josh. No fancy titles required!