Jamie Coccarelli


I consider myself blessed to be in a position that allows me to meet one-on-one with JCC students and learn about each student’s unique story-where they are coming from, what they are interested in, what their strengths and gifts are, what their vision is for the future, etc. No story is exactly the same as another story, and I’m grateful that I not only get to listen to these stories but also support students as their stories continue to unfold here at JCC. Whether it’s by simply offering a listening ear, or reviewing self-care strategies, or guiding a student through a personal discovery of their personality, skills and values, I am committed to making sure that students leave my office feeling a little more hopeful or knowing a little more than they did before they entered my office. You can contact me at the Counseling and Career Center at 716.338.1007 or 716.338.1065.

I understand that the college years can be some of the most enjoyable and valuable times in a person’s life, but I also acknowledge that the college years are often accompanied by stress. I am available to meet with students to discuss personal support, such as stress management strategies, self-care strategies, and community resources. I am also available to talk with students about their academic courses, transfer plans, and career pathways.

I also co-supervise the Peer 2 Peer program, which provides support and guidance for freshman-level students via sophomore-level peer mentors. In addition, I teach a handful of courses, including Life and Career Planning, which guides students through a process of self-discovery and offers them the opportunity to begin to explore the world of work and various career options that match their unique career self-concept.

My outside interests include reading, learning about health and wellness, exercising, traveling, visiting the ocean, and spending time with my family.


  • C.A.S. School Psychology - Roberts Wesleyan College
  • M.S. School Psychology - Roberts Wesleyan College
  • B.A. Psychology - Nazareth College of Rochester