Emily Thomson

Administrative Specialist

I am the primary contact for the Social Sciences and Business division of Academic Affairs. Students often connect with me when they need to reach a professor outside of usual office hours. Prior to each semester, I also assist students in setting up advising appointments, notifying students of changes in their schedules, and help with logistical issues when they are on campus. Besides my work with students, I also assist in course schedule creation, assist faculty with projects and time sensitive deadlines, and work closely with the dean of Social Sciences and Business.

My favorite part of my job is getting to know the faculty here at JCC and helping them with anything they may need. I am amazed at the level of empathy, competency, and humanity that exists in each of them, and how they utilize these skills to effectively reach our students at every level of their education.

My message to students is to never forget that faculty are an INCREDIBLY useful resource, and to never be afraid to reach out and seek help. As a former student myself, this was an invaluable bit of advice, and I was surprised to realize that my professors were actually excited to see me making the effort to reach out and seek help.