Adult Student

Now is the perfect time for adult learners

Jamestown Community College can help you jump start your career, transition into a new line of work, or learn a new skill set. Adding a degree or certification to your qualifications can help advance or change your career.

Support for adult students

We're here to help you find success while you're at JCC and through graduation to help you achieve your life goals.

Each semester your advisor will help you develop your class schedule to help you stay on track. You can receive 1:1 tutoring, sign up for a peer mentor, and take advantage of resources like single parent support, military support, and accessibility services.

As you look toward the future, you can explore careers through job shadowing and internships. We can help you with interview coaching, resume writing, and networking skills. If you want to continue your education, JCC has hundreds of transfer agreements with other colleges and universities.

We're with you every step of the way.

Student Spotlight: Jennifer Whiteman

"I just thought I was one of those people that just, college was not meant for them...I was really afraid of failing one more time. So, one of the advisors pulled me aside and said, "You can, and it’s going to be tough...You’re going to get to a wall, but you’re going to be able to get through it." I think that the top experience here...was actually graduating. Walking across the stage. I left the stage, and I just broke down crying...It was a goal I really truly thought was not reachable for me. And I was wrong."


Student Spotlight: Yordangel Gonzalez

"My proudest accomplishment is here at JCC, which is making the Dean’s List and getting straight A’s. In reality, the resources here at JCC helped me. I went to advisors and counselors and they taught me how to study, they taught me how to schedule my classes, and that’s what has led me to be successful in classes now. One advice I could give to a person who’s going to college for the first time is never lose hope, never lose sight of your dream or what you want to accomplish. You gotta go through the tough times to get where you want to be at in life. If you keep that hope, you’re gonna be successful."