The Annual Campaign for JCC

Together, JCC and the JCC Foundation face three compelling challenges: academic excellence, access to higher education, and capital resources. We work together and with the close support of our donors to meet this three-pronged challenge through The Annual Campaign for JCC. Every dollar committed to The Annual Campaign for JCC is both an economic and a human investment. Our promise to our students is to connect them to their goals by providing challenging educational experiences in a caring environment. When you make a gift in support of the JCC Foundation, you’re helping us fulfill our promise so that our students can fulfill theirs.


Make A Gift

Giving to The Annual Campaign for JCC has never been easier! You can easily make a gift online, either as a one-time gift or as an ongoing pledge, with a valid debit or credit card. You can also send a gift in the mail. And if you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about making a gift, you can call us at 716.338.1010 or toll free at 800.388.8557, extension 1010. 


Academic Excellence

JCC is committed to recognizing and encouraging academic excellence and providing financial support to students with exceptional talent and leadership potential. By encouraging top students to begin their education here, we not only enhance Jamestown’s competitive position but we also prepare these students to become future community leaders.

Need: Current-use funding for USA Scholarships
Goal: Fund 15 scholarships, $58,260.

Funds are allocated from the JCC operating budget each year to cover USA Scholarship expenses that are not met by currently endowed funds. Gifts made in this category will be used to immediately provide USA Scholarships to qualifying students. The USA Scholarship provides first-time, full-time high school Regents graduates ranked in the top 20 percent of their graduating class with up to four semesters of NYS resident tuition not covered by JCC tuition waivers or by PELL, TAP, or PHEAA grants.


Access to Higher Education

Many students each year fall between the cracks of existing financial aid programs. Without financial support, many students cannot begin or continue their education. The JCC Foundation is deeply committed to providing all qualified and deserving students in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania the opportunity to attain a JCC education — regardless of their financial status.

Need: Current-use funding for a new President's Achievement Scholarship Fund. Goal: $5,000. 
Gifts to this new fund will be used to provide tuition scholarships up to $500 to first-year students who are not eligible for JCC’s USA Scholarship program and during their high school careers have demonstrated signs of exceptional ability in these areas:  arts, humanities, music, science, sports and athletics, or leadership skills in their high school extracurricular activities or through community service experiences.

Need: Current-use funding for the Workforce Development Scholarship Fund. Goal: $5,000. 
These gifts will be used to immediately provide Workforce Development Scholarships to students who are considered long-term unemployed with the intent of retraining these students and providing them with an employable skillset. 

Need: Current-use funding for the Veterans Scholarship Fund. Goal: $5,000.
Scholarship amounts will vary depending upon the amount of financial assistance given to a student from other sources, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
These gifts will be used to immediately provide Veterans Scholarships. These need-based Scholarships will be given to veterans, those currently serving on active duty or on reserve status, their spouses, or their children or dependents.

Need: Current-use funding for the Global Scholarship Fund. Goal: Fund 10 scholarships, $5,000.
These gifts will be used to immediately provide Global Scholarships of $500 per year for up to two years to eligible students. These scholarships provide students with life-changing experiences by enabling local students to study abroad and by enabling eligible students to come to JCC from all over the world. 

Need: Current-use funding for the Jamestown Campus Athletic Scholarship Fund. Goal: $2,500. Award amounts vary.
These gifts will be used to immediately provide scholarships to Jamestown Campus athletes. Each scholarship provides assistance with tuition and textbook costs.

Need: Current-use funding for the Cattaraugus County Campus Athletic Scholarship Fund. Goal: $2,500. Award amounts vary.
These gifts will be used to immediately provide scholarships to Cattaraugus County Campus athletes. Each scholarship provides assistance with tuition and textbook costs.


Unrestricted Capital Resources

Over the years, capital resources for higher education have diminished. The JCC Foundation is committed to providing the capital resources that foster superior education and service to JCC students. The Foundation stands ready to collaborate with the College in meeting future challenges. It is our goal to ensure that JCC remains the “Top Performing Public Two-Year College” in New York State.

Your unrestricted gift to JCC will be used to support initiatives designed to ensure that JCC graduates are immediately employable. Such initiatives can include:

  1. Unrestricted Gift – The Area of Greatest Need. The JCC Foundation will work with the college’s administration to ensure that these gifts are directed to address the college’s most pressing need.
  2. Unrestricted Gift – Construction and Renovation Projects. These gifts will support construction of new facilities at each campus or extension center, ensuring that students have access to the classes they need, when they need them.
  3. Unrestricted Gift – Technology Upgrades. These gifts will ensure that students have access to the technology they need to attain a 21st Century education by enabling the purchase of technology upgrades for classrooms college-wide, such as computers, Smart Boards, network infrastructure, computer-friendly desks and tables, and the like.



The JCC Foundation welcomes gifts in other categories. If you’d like to explore other giving opportunities, please contact the JCC Foundation.

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