It’s Easy to Get Started

A caring environment. A challenging educational experience. Connections to your goals.

That’s what you’ll find at Jamestown Community College. Whether you’re going to college for the first time or coming back after time away, JCC can take you where you want to be in life.

​Three Easy Steps to Admission

  1. Graduate from an accredited secondary school, complete high school equivalency diploma, or gather home-school documentation.
  2. Complete application process.
  3. Take placement test.

​Contact Us

Jamestown (NY) and North County Center (Dunkirk, NY)
Admissions Office
800.388.8557 or 716.338.1001

Cattaraugus County Campus 
Admissions Office
800.388.8557 or 716.376.7501

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Are the SAT or ACT required?

JCC does not require that students take the SAT or ACT for acceptance.

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How many locations does JCC have? How do I know which I one should attend?

JCC has a total of four locations (five if you count cyberspace). The Jamestown Campus is our largest. Next is our Cattaraugus County Campus, located in Olean, NY. We also offer classes at our North County Extension Center in Dunkirk, NY and our Warren Center in Warren, PA. Certain programs require students to take courses on our Jamestown Campus in order to complete them. Alternatively, some programs can be completed entirely online. Both of these conditions are noted on our academics page. 

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How much does it cost to attend JCC?

The 2015-2016 full-time tuition rate is $2,260 per semester for a NYS resident, and $4,520 for a non-NYS resident. For part-time students, the cost is $188 per credit hour for NYS residents and $377 per credit hour for non-NYS residents.

But tuition isn’t the only cost you’ll have as a college student – there are fees, textbooks, supplies, and other considerations to take into account. For a more complete breakdown, please visit our cost of attendance page.

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What is your favorite part about JCC?

“Everything! I love the relationships students develop with faculty, staff, and professors. I enjoy the events that Campus Life puts on, the clubs/organizations on campus, the sense of community here, and the opportunities students have. I simply love everything JCC has to offer.” – Jeany M.

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Can I study abroad at JCC?

Students at JCC have a couple of options when it comes to gaining global experience. We offer an international internship program in China and Spain, where you can earn college credit while teaching English. We’re also able to offer semester and year-long programs in a variety of countries all around the world through our membership in the College Consortium of International Studies. View our study abroad page to learn more. 

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Is JCC a safe campus?

“JCC is a very safe campus. Everyone is very considerate and caring. Never once have I been worried that something may happen to me or any of my belongings.” – Shelby S.

Find out more about how we keep our students safe on our campus safety page.

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Does JCC have an honors program?

Yes! Our Honors Program is designed to give eligible students a deeper, more engaging academic experience. Students in the Honors Program get to take part in honors-designated courses, perform fieldwork and participate in other experiential learning opportunities, attend special events, have access to early registration, and, last but not least, receive an honors citation on their final academic transcripts. For more information, visit the Honors Program page.

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Can I complete an internship while at JCC?

Internships are part of a wide-ranging emphasis we have here on experiential learning. As part of this, we encourage students not only to complete internships (whether credit-bearing or not), but also to take advantage of other hands-on learning opportunities, from study abroad to original research.

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I’m planning on earning my bachelor’s degree. What’s the transfer process like?

We do everything we can to ensure that your transfer process is a smooth one. We maintain hundreds of transfer articulation agreements with area colleges and universities, and all students are encouraged to meet with our counseling department and discuss their future plans with their advisors.

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I was a top student in high school. Are there any scholarship opportunities for me?

Absolutely! We think JCC is the perfect place for high-achieving students like you. To prove it, we started the Unified Student Assistance, or USA, scholarship. The USA scholarship provides first-time, full-time students who graduated in the top 20% of their class from an accredited high school in our service area with up to four semester of NYS resident tuition, minus whatever is covered by PELL, TAP, PHEAA grants, or JCC tuition waivers. Find out more about the USA Scholarship.

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Can I live on campus?

On-campus housing is available on the Jamestown Campus, and we have limited housing for Cattaraugus County students at St. Bonaventure University. Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Are meal plans available and do I need to get one?

Meal plans are available for both resident and commuter students, though they are not required. Visit our dining page to see the variety of meal plan options we offer students.

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Is there a fee for parking on campus?

There is no fee for parking on campus, and according to our parking policy, all students are allowed to have a vehicle on campus. However, students are required to display a parking permit decal on their vehicles. To apply for a parking permit decal, simply fill out the application form and return it to the campus store.

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I’ve been accepted to JCC, but decided I want to change my major from what I listed on my application – what do I do?

If you want to change your major, but have not registered for classes, you may contact the admissions office at 716.338.1001 (Jamestown) or 716.376.7501 (Olean) to have it changed, or call toll-free at 800.388.8557. If you have been accepted and already registered for classes, you will need to go to the counseling center to change your major.