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Franklin University
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Guarantees acceptance, with junior standing into their choice of any Franklin bachelor’s degree program, to students who graduate with any JCC associate degree.  Students can transfer additional credits beyond those required for the associate degree, up to a maximum of 94 total JCC credits, toward meeting requirements for their bachelor’s degree.  Students who transfer a minimum of 54 JCC credits are guaranteed the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree in two years with Franklin.  Those who transfer a minimum of 90 appropriate JCC credits may be able to earn the bachelor’s degree in one year with Franklin, and should contact Franklin for details regarding this 3+1 option.  Franklin offers bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Applied Management, Business Administration, Business Forensics, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice Administration, Cybersecurity, Emergency Management & Homeland Security, Energy Management, Entrepreneurship, Exercise Science, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Forensic Accounting, Health Information Management, Health Sciences, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Information Technology, Interactive Media Design, Logistics Management, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Relations, Public Safety Management, Risk Management & Insurance, Social Sciences, Sport Management, and Web Development. (latest update 2019)

Agreement Details: 
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