The Addiction Counseling certificate program at SUNY JCC is designed for students who are pursuing or already hold a college degree in human services, social work, or a related field and are seeking credentials in the field of alcohol, substance abuse and other addiction treatment. Graduates of the program will fulfill New York State’s educational requirements for a CASAC-TR license.

Students in the program will develop knowledge of the nature and history of addiction and chemical dependency, and learn skills needed for intake assessment, treatment planning, case management, individual and group counseling. Students will participate in a fieldwork experience, which provides 135 hours of practical, supervised field experience in an addictions agency.

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Minimum program credit hours: 35

Program Codes
Degree Option
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
9 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
PSY 1510: General Psychology3
PSY 2540: Interpersonal/Group Dynamics3
BIO 1510: Health Science3
Core Requirements
26 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
HUS 1280: Introduction to Family Systems3
HUS 1310: Studies/Alcohol/Chem Dependency3
HUS 1410: Generalist Practice Skills3
HUS 2230: Interviewing and Counseling3
HUS 2430: Alcohol/Chem Depend: Treatment3
HUS 2400: Ethics/Issues-Addiction Services3
HUS 2215: Field Placement I - Addictions Counseling5
PSY 2560: Abnormal Behavior3
Degree Requirements Met

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