Transfer & Career Prep

Transfer and career preparation for life after JCC

At Jamestown Community College, we're ready to help you prepare for life after college. Whether you are looking for guidance in seeing where your education can take you, transferring to another college, or finding an internship or job, you can get personalized help with JCC's Counseling and Career Center and Career Services.


If you're interested in transferring your credits and continuing your studies, the Counseling and Career Center can connect you with other colleges and universities through our hundreds of transfer agreements. We have agreements for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, as well as 1+1 associate degrees.


If you want to explore careers and prepare for job opportunities, Career Services can help you find internships, write a resume, practice interviewing skills, and more.

We can also help you access tools like:

  • College Central Network for job and internship postings - all current students have an account
  • Big Interview for practicing interview questions, self-assessment, and Career Services feedback - make an account with your JCC email (Limited time only: access until December 31, 2020)
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Career Services


Counseling and Career Center