JCC students are the beneficiaries of over $500,000 in annual scholarship support provided through the Jamestown Community College Foundation. Our signature USA (Unified Student Assistance) Scholarship provides local high school graduates ranked in the top 20% of their class a full NYS tuition scholarship for up to two years of full-time study.

Prospective and Current Student Scholarships

Learn more about the USA Scholarship and over 70 other scholarship opportunities specifically for JCC students. Many of our scholarships require no application. The JCC Miscellaneous Scholarship Application, available here, is a single application that serves to apply for 10 scholarships for which the student meets eligibility criteria.

Transfer Scholarships

Students transferring from JCC to pursue upper division degrees at other colleges and universities are encouraged to learn more about transfer scholarships.

Community Foundation Scholarships

Community Foundations offer a wide range of scholarships you can often apply for using a single application. For more information about your local Community Foundation:

Additional Resources

Other resources you should check out: