Explore the World from JCC

If you think JCC’s classrooms are located only in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania, think again. Through full-semester programs and focused travel/study experiences, you can see the world from JCC!

JCC students have an opportunity to study abroad through the college’s membership in the College Consortium for International Studies. The International Studies Program is open to sophomores with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and to freshmen with exceptional academic credentials. Students may earn 15 credits while studying abroad which are counted toward their degrees at JCC.

Semester or longer programs are currently available in the following countries:


Dr. Greg Rabb
Coordinator of Study Abroad
716.338.1242 / 716.376.7500, ext. 1242
716.969.9524 (cell)
Generation Study Abroad partner1.800.388.8557

716.338.1001 (Jamestown)
716.376.7501 (Olean)

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