General Education

What is General Education, and why is it important?

Every college and university has course work students must take, called “General Education.” General Education serves two major functions.

  • First, the material is the bare minimum that an educated person should know. This knowledge provides you with the basic understanding and skills you will need to further your development.
  • Second, these courses are intended to broaden your horizons, exposing you to new ideas and points of view that will enhance your appreciation for and understanding of the world around you.

The ability to read, write, and work with numbers provides a foundation to further your education regardless of what career path you might choose. The farther you go in your education, the more you are expected to be able to learn on your own.

The ability to think critically is vital to a solid education. Being able to discern patterns in data, to separate fact from fiction, to correctly judge the validity of arguments, and to synthesize information into new relationships are all aspects of critical thinking. Logic and the scientific method are two of the most powerful tools of critical thinking.

Exposure to new ideas, new ways of thinking, or new areas of study can literally transform an individual, giving her or him the motivation and drive to accomplish a goal that was previously inconceivable to them. Every course that you take in a different area of study gives you a new way to see the world and new ways to think.

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