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The number of credit hours assigned to each course and more information on subject areas can be found in Banner. Course numbers are designated as follows: 0000-0999 - imputed and developmental courses; 1000-1999 - freshman level courses; and 2000-2999 - sophomore level courses.

All courses required to earn a specific associate degree are normally offered with such frequency that a full-time student can earn the degree in a two-year period. Each course description has designations indicating which semester and on which campus (Jamestown - J, Cattaraugus County Campus - C, or Online) the college intends to offer the course. Certain courses do not have a designation indicating which semester they are offered; these courses may or may not be offered on the specified campus(es) during a given academic year. The college reserves the right to cancel course offerings if enrollment is insufficient.

JCC also offers credit-free courses, seminars, and workshops. For more information, contact Workforce Readiness.

Course Requisites

These terms explain the course requirements found at the end of each course description:

A course or other requirement that must be completed prior to enrolling in another course.

A course or other requirement that must be completed during the same semester as another course.

Refers to an academic readiness to take certain courses through successful completion of previous coursework or placement testing.

A condition of enrollment that a student is advised to meet, but not required to meet.

Placement test
The college placement test assesses skills in mathematics, reading, and writing. If a student chooses to take any course for which there is a placement test prerequisite, he/she must take the appropriate test. As a rule, full-time students take the complete test during the application process and prior to registration. New part-time students are strongly encouraged to take the test prior to registration. Part-time students must take the placement test prior to enrolling in any course which has a reading, writing, or math prerequisite unless they qualify for an exemption.

Permission of instructor
A course with this notation requires the student to meet with the instructor to receive permission to take the course.

Waiver of Pre-/Corequisites
If a student feels qualified to take a course for which he or she does not appear to have the formal prerequisite background, the student should contact the instructor of the course. If, in the estimation of the instructor, the student meets the prerequisites in some other way, the instructor may sign an instructor’s permission card which the student can then present to the Registrar’s Office on the Jamestown Campus, the Counseling and Career Planning Center on the Cattaraugus County Campus, or the Main Office on the Dunkirk Campus. In the absence of the instructor, the waiver may be signed by the discipline coordinator/director, or dean. Students cannot register for courses for which they do not have a pre/corequisite or a signed waiver form.

Special statement regarding sequential coursework
In the case of sequential coursework (i.e. Math and English) where the student’s entry point may be determined by way of a placement procedure or successful completion of other coursework in the sequence, a student will have met a prerequisite or corequisite for a course in the sequence if they are eligible to register for a higher level course for which the current course is a prerequisite. That is, if a student is eligible to take course C in a sequence (where course A is a prerequisite for course B, and course B is a prerequisite for course C), the student has met pre- or corequisites for both course A and course B.

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