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The number of credit hours assigned to each course follows the description. Course numbers are designated as follows: 0000-0999 - imputed and developmental courses; 1000-1999 - freshman level courses; and 2000-2999 - sophomore level courses. Courses carrying imputed credit are not considered college level courses and may not be counted toward a degree or certificate program. Courses which presently carry imputed credit are:

ELI 0500: ELI - Composition I ENG 0410: Developing Reading Versatility
ELI 0550: ELI - Composition II ENG 0430: Essential Writing Skills
ELI 0600: ELI - Reading I HUM 0340: Student Development
ELI 0650: ELI - Reading II MAT 0300: Developmental Mathematics
ELI 0700: ELI - Speak & Listen I MAT 0400: General Mathematics
ELI 0750: ELI - Speak & Listen II MAT 0500: Elementary Algebra
ENG 0190: Essential Reading Skills MAT 0600: Intermediate Algebra

All courses required to earn a specific associate degree are normally offered with such frequency that a full-time student can earn the degree in a two-year period.

Each course description has designations indicating which semester and on which campus (Jamestown - J, Cattaraugus County Campus - C, or Online) the college intends to offer the course. Certain courses do not have a designation indicating which semester they are offered; these courses may or may not be offered on the specified campus(es) during the period 2014-2015. The college reserves the right to cancel course offerings if enrollment is insufficient.

JCC also offers credit-free courses, seminars, and workshops. For more information, contact the Center for Continuing Education.

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