Information about Spring 2021 at JCC

Operational Excellence

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Full refunds are issued in the following instances:

  • JCC cancels the program/class.
  • Participant cancels up to three business days prior to the start of the class. Substitutions are accepted any time by contacting the office at 716.338.1005 or

Refunds are issued by credit to the card used or by check.

Operational Excellence

Value Stream Management

The focus of this course is to give participants the basic understanding of value streams and how to define and identify improvement that will improve the overall performance of the company. The participants will gain an understanding how value is defined from the perspective of the customer, how to document, how value is currently created, and what changes can be made to improve customer value. Participants receive an introduction to Value stream mapping techniques used to document and communicate future improvements.


Workplace Organization (5S) & Visual Management

The focus of this course is to review and give participants the knowledge of how to implement and sustain the 5S methodology, including Sort, Set-In-Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. The course helps participants understand the 5S process and how it to use it to improve employee productivity by eliminating the time searching for information, materials, tools, and other things that are required for employees to complete their work.


Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis

The focus of this course is to review and give participants the basic concepts of problem solving and root cause analysis. The courses are designed to help participants understand the problem-solving process and how it is used to define the problem, analyze the problem, develop a plan to fix the problem, and implement the solution and conduct proper follow-up. Problem solving methods offered include:

1. 8D , 2. PDCA. 3. A3. 4. DMAIC