Information about Spring 2021 at JCC

Professional Development

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Full refunds are issued in the following instances:

  • JCC cancels the program/class.
  • Participant cancels up to three business days prior to the start of the class. Substitutions are accepted any time by contacting the office at 716.338.1005 or

Refunds are issued by credit to the card used or by check.

Business & Marketing

Setting Up and Using the HubSpot Free CRM

Every business should have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. CRM provides a central source to store information and activity on prospects, leads, customers, partners, and vendors.  Along with storing data, CRM systems will improve communication within your organization, during customer service, and throughout the sales process. You will experience improvements in efficiency, processes, and data accuracy. This hands-on workshop will help you get started with the HubSpot Free CRM, which was recently rated the leading CRM system by Gartner Research. Through participation in this workshop you will gain the essential information needed to immediately start using the CRM and begin the process of customizing the system for company-wide use at your organization. This class will be taught remotely online via Zoom.



Barrier Precautions and Infection Control—Online Course

New York State law requires that persons licensed in identified health professions who practice in NYS must complete approved course work or training regarding infection control every four years to meet their licensing requirements. $50 per person. Our price includes the entire semester to complete at your convenience, unlimited times to take the quizzes, your completion certificate, and your information is kept on file (confidentially!) in case you need it within the four years!



This course prepares students for a phlebotomy career within a hospital, blood donation center, doctor's office, or other institution. The course will cover blood collection, specimen processing and storage, professionalism in a clinical setting, communication skills, and clerical, courier, and reception duties. Includes lectures, hands-on laboratory practices, and a clinical rotation at a local medical facility. Classes will be held at Warren Forest Hi-Ed Council, 589 Hospital Dr, Warren, PA.

Phlebotomy Brochure - (this is a past class, but we are keeping it on the site so you can see the course specifics)

FUTURE dates will be determined at a later date. To be added to a mailing list for class information, email the office at: (include name, mailing address, phone, and email address)

HVAC Fundamentals

HVAC Essentials and Fundamentals Module 1

MODULE 1 will be offered in the Fall 2021 - dates to be determined

Students will have the opportunity to learn the theory and hands-on skills to gain the foundational knowledge of Hydronic and Forced Air Heating systems. The successful completion of the 75-hour HVAC module I course will allow and prepare students to take the more advanced 75-hour HVAC module II course. Topics include the following:

  • Safety
  • HVAC Tools
  • Mathematics for HVAC
  • Theory of Electricity – I
  • Blueprints and wiring diagrams  
  • Soldering, Brazing and Welding
  • Piping Materials and Fittings
  • HVAC Career Opportunities
  • Introduction to HVAC Equipment - Boilers, Furnaces, & AC
  • Fundamentals of HVAC Equipment - Boilers, Furnaces
  • Valves and Meters
  • Radiant Heat Systems
  • Troubleshooting HVAC Equipment
  • Customer Service, Soft Skills, Work Ethic
HVAC Essentials and Fundamentals Module 2

MODULE 2 will be offered in the Spring 2022 - dates to be determined (you must have previously completed Module 1)

Students will have the opportunity to learn the theory and hands-on skills to gain the foundational knowledge of Air-Conditioning and Forced Air Heating systems. The successful completion of HVAC module II will allow and prepare students for an entry-level position in an HVAC career. Topics include a review of the following:

  • Section 608 EPA Universal Certification
  • Safety
  • HVAC Mathematics
  • Print Reading
  • Advanced Heat Gain Theory
  • Theory of Electricity – II
  • HVAC Distribution Systems
  • Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Temperature and Pressure
  • Basic Refrigerant Cycle
  • Refrigerants
  • Working with Metering Devices
  • Troubleshooting of HVAC Equipment
  • Job Organization

Notary Public

Online Notary Public via ZOOM

This seminar prepares individuals for the NYS test and provides a comprehensive view of the notary public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures are clarified in plain English. Examples are provided to illuminate situations that the officer is likely to encounter such as avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining professional ethics and more. Please register at least one week prior to the class date. This class will be taught remotely online via Zoom. Please make sure you have all technology arrangements prior to the launch of the class. Class materials will be sent to you via email.



Getting Creative in Canva

Don't have experience in graphic design and need to create a flyer or social media ad in a jiffy? No problem! Canva will assist you into the creation of something awesome in the matter of minutes. Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. Canva also integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations to your professional graphic masterpiece and best of all it’s free. Classes will be held at Warren Forest Hi-Ed Council, 589 Hospital Dr, Warren, PA.


Beginner Word Press

Create your own website in just four hours. Use WordPress software to build a customizable website for personal or business use. Bloggers, small business owners, and all types of companies use WordPress to manage and operate their website. WordPress makes it easy to customize and edit content quickly and easily without learning code. Classes will be held at Warren Forest Hi-Ed Council, 589 Hospital Dr, Warren, PA.


Advanced Word Press

Advance your creative skills with WordPress. Learn to set up plugins, configure widgets, set up custom menus, and customize your website template. You will also learn where to go for additional help. Must have taken Basic Website Design class or have experience with WordPress. Classes will be held at Warren Forest Hi-Ed Council, 589 Hospital Dr, Warren, PA.


Designing Your Website That Converts

Learn simple web design techniques that make your website more effective. You will also get an understanding of different layout techniques that guide the user where you want them to look. Learn how to use imagery to draw people in, increase trustworthiness and get a better understanding of how to design your site for all devices, a must for any modern website.  This class will be taught remotely online via Zoom.


Testing Your Website For Conversions

Learn how to do A/B tests with the free tool Google Optimize. In this class, we will go over why A/B testing can be beneficial for your business. We will discuss testing different website copy and graphics. You no longer will have to guess what works better. You can now test it and see what works better with real data. These incremental changes can increase sales and give you a better performing website.  This class will be taught remotely online via Zoom.


Quick and Dirty Overview of Office Applications

Lets get quick and dirty with three hours of intense learning of Microsoft Office applications. Learn all the buttons of the ribbon bar, status bar, and quick access toolbar in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Work with creating, saving, and sharing documents. You will also learn how to insert pictures and graphs in all the applications and conduct basic functionality in Excel. 


Word I

Improve your word processing skills and take advantage of all the great features the newest version of Microsoft Word has to offer. You will create, revise, and save documents for future use and also learn the interface, creating and using autocorrect entries, spell and grammar check, thesaurus, and find and replace features. In addition, you will insert and remove page breaks, adjust margins, change line spacing, set, modify and remove tabs, cut, copy, and paste text, and create a mail merge for letters, labels or envelopes. Price includes textbook.


Word II

Learn advanced word processing skills. You will work with tables creating, sorting, performing calculations, and adjusting properties, and also create and edit documents which include Word Art, clip art, drop caps, auto shapes, text boxes and other objects. Use your creative side as you format a newsletter trying out format changes using built-in and custom styles. Prerequisite: MS Word Part I. Price includes textbook.


Excel I

Use Microsoft Excel to manage, display, and save numerical data. This course covers cell ranges, adjusting column width and row height, formatting cells, performing worksheet calculations, inserting and deleting rows, columns, and cells, hiding and unhiding rows and columns, managing multiple worksheets, inserting, deleting, and moving worksheets, editing multiple sheets, relative and absolute cell references, working with charts and tables, organizing large amounts of data, including the use of the IF function. Price includes textbook.



Excel II

Advance your Microsoft Excel skills even more! In level II, you will learn about formatting and customizing themes, working with date functions and conditional formatting, entering date and time calculations, using functions to modify text, troubleshooting formulas. You will also be introduced to LookUp functions, creating subtotals and using the quick analysis tool. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows & MS Excel Part I. Price includes textbook.


Water Treatment Operator

Basic Math

This 5-hour session applies math principles operators use in the treatment and distribution systems as chemical dosages, flows, detention times and pressure.



Basic Hydraulics

This 5-hour session will review treatment and distribution operations for flows, pressure, storage capacity, operations and maintaining drinking water quality.


Coagulation Treatment

This 5-hour session covers selecting coagulate chemicals, coagulant aids, turbidity and solids residuals.



Filter Operations

This 5-hour session will review calculating rate of filtration and backwashing. It includes the examination of filter media efficiency to meet the filter turbidity rule and cleaning filter media as well as selecting and applying chemicals.



Grade A Water Operator Certification Training

Topics to be covered in this course include operator qualifications and responsibilities, water quality control, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, pH and alkalinity adjustment, iron and manganese removal, water softening and chlorination, bacteriological laboratory techniques, emergency planning, safety, hydraulics and pumps, process calculations and distribution system operation and maintenance.


Grade B Water Operator Certification Training

This four-day course is designed to meet the requirements of NYS Sanitary Code Part 5 relative to the training required to receive New York State Water Treatment Operator's certification. This training will coincide with the first half of the Grade A class. 



Grade C Water Operator Certification Training

This three--day course is designed for systems with facilities for basic treatment and/ or pressure zones, booster stations, storage tanks, fire protection, disinfection, nonresidential consumers, cross-connection potential, demand variations, etc. 



Grade D Water Operator Certification Training

This course is designed for operators of distribution systems serving greater than 1,000 people. Topics include pressure zones, booster stations, storage tanks, fire protection and disinfection.