Pre-Collegiate Classes

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Pre-Collegiate Classes

Pre-Collegiate Math II

Designed for individuals having difficulty with algebra and other math concepts, or those not exposed to math for a period of time, the course prepares individuals for entry into collegiate level math courses and provides a basic foundation for mathematical skills required for employment. This course assumes that there is no previous knowledge of algebra, but individuals should have an understanding of number systems, basic arithmetic operations and their properties. Examples of course topics include: manipulating polynomials, rational expressions, and radicals. Ideal for individuals obtaining a score of 26-76 on the Accuplacer Algebra Test.

Online Pre-Collegiate Reading II

This course is designed to help students maximize their critical reading skills in preparation for college courses, and builds on basic reading skills to further prepare students for success. You will learn to find overt and implied main ideas, identify supporting details, make logical inferences, and draw valid conclusions as well as how to distinguish fact from opinion and understand how to read at varying speeds and levels of attention. This course is designed for student satisfaction and optimal learning supplemented by electronic textbooks, exercises, and mastery tests. You will receive personal feedback and learning support from the instructor.

IMPORTANT: Required on-campus student orientation on May 20 from 5-7 p.m. in Carnahan Center, room 108. Reg. deadline: May 10 for the May 20-June 28 class.

IMPORTANT: Required on-campus student orientation on July 1 from 5-7 p.m. in Carnahan Center, room 108. Reg. deadline: June 20 for the July 1-August 9 class.