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Word Processing

Microsoft Word - Part 1

Improve your word processing skills and take advantage of all the great features the newest version of Microsoft Word has to offer. You will create, revise, and save documents for future use and also learn the interface, creating and using autocorrect entries, spell and grammar check, thesaurus, and find and replace features. In addition, you will insert and remove page breaks, adjust margins, change line spacing, set, modify and remove tabs, cut, copy, and paste text, and create a mail merge for letters, labels or envelopes. Price includes textbook.

Microsoft Word - Part 2

Learn advanced word processing skills. You will work with tables creating, sorting, performing calculations, and adjusting properties, and also create and edit documents which include Word Art, clip art, drop caps, auto shapes, text boxes and other objects. Use your creative side as you format a newsletter trying out format changes using built-in and custom styles. Prerequisite: MS Word Part I. Price includes textbook.

Create Custom Mailings with Microsoft Mail Merge

Learn how to design form letters with merge fields; create data lists in Word or use data from Excel; sort and select data records; create mailing labels and envelopes. Prerequisite: Word Experience.

Managing Complex Documents with Microsoft Word

Learn how to conquer page numbers, headers/footers,tables of contents, foot/endnotes, styles and more to make working with large documents easier. Prerequisite: Word Experience.

Creating Flyers Using Word

Explore the use of columns, tabs, picture position, grouping, backgrounds, borders and much more in Word to create business cards, labels, flyers, brochures, invitations, and tri-fold marketing materials.


Microsoft Excel -Part 1

Use Microsoft Excel to manage, display, and save numerical data. This course covers cell ranges, adjusting column width and row height, formatting cells, performing worksheet calculations, inserting and deleting rows, columns, and cells, hiding and unhiding rows and columns, managing multiple worksheets, inserting, deleting, and moving worksheets, editing multiple sheets, relative and absolute cell references, working with charts and tables, organizing large amounts of data, including the use of the IF function. Price includes textbook.

Microsoft Excel-Part II

Advance your Microsoft Excel skills even more! In level II, you will learn about formatting and customizing themes, working with date functions and conditional formatting, entering date and time calculations, using functions to modify text, troubleshooting formulas. You will also be introduced to LookUp functions, creating subtotals and using the quick analysis tool. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows & MS Excel Part I. Price includes textbook.

Microsoft Excel-Part III

This class provides more complex skills than those presented in our Level I and II. Topics covered include working with PivotTables and PivotCharts, financial functions and What-If analysis, auditing and additional functions, advanced formatting and analysis tools, inspecting and protecting your workbook, and more. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows & MS Excel Part I & II. Price includes textbook.

Constructing Microsoft Excel Formulas

Do you want to learn how to build more complicated formulas, use functions and combine them in powerful ways? Learn to troubleshoot formulas using the auditing tools, document the formulas that you create, and use named ranges and cells in your formulas to better understand the purpose of the formula. Prerequisite: Excel experience.

Using Microsoft Excel Charts

Do you know Excel supports a wide variety of standard types of charts and graphs? What are you waiting for?! Create effective charts today that clearly and accurately convey the meaning of your data. Prerequisite: Excel experience.


Introduction to Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a computerized accounting system that can be used by everyone from novice to professional. Learn how to: create your own company; work with customers, vendors, physical inventory, balance sheets and budgets, payroll basics, and customize and integrate QuickBooks with other programs. Some topics not covered in the class are covered in the textbook, such as Banking, Bidding and Estimating, and much more. Price includes textbook. Please register one week prior to class start date to ensure book arrival.