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Facility use through Workforce Readiness

Workforce Readiness provides accessible learning in three centers throughout western New York and one center in Warren, PA. Our centers in New York are also available for meetings, conferences, and company trainings. All facilities at JCC are smoke-free.

JCC is a Pearson Vue testing location. We allow the delivery of various certification exams through a secure and reliable testing environment at our New York centers. Pearson Vue is the world’s leading computer-based testing and assessment business; through their services, more than 14 million people each year have the opportunity to gain certification in the fields of information technology, education, business, and academics. Some test sponsors are Microsoft, CompTIA, Child Development Credential, and New York/Pennsylvania State teaching certifications.

Reserve a room at MTI or Carnahan Center (Jamestown Campus)

Workforce Readiness is located in the Manufacturing Technology Institute on Jamestown Community College's Jamestown Campus. It also oversees the room rentals of the Carnahan Center.

The Carnahan Center has over 29,000 square feet of conference, training, and meeting space with computer labs, conference rooms, smart classrooms, multipurpose rooms, and a theater (also available as a smart classroom). Wi-Fi access is available upon request.

Each smart classroom and the theater is equipped with an instructor’s computer, ceiling mounted projectors connected to the instructor’s computer, overhead document cameras, microphones, and a sound system. The multipurpose rooms at the Katharine Jackson Carnahan Center are easy to customize for trainings, meetings, and small conferences. These two rooms can be combined for additional space and are also a great choice for personal events, such as family banquets, bridal showers, and baby showers.

  • To book a room in the Katharine Jackson Carnahan Center on the Jamestown Campus, call 716.338.1334.

For more information:

  • Grant Umberger, director: 716.338.1336 
  • Jenny Burroughs, coordinator of technology, marketing, and community training: 716.338.1337 
  • Kathryn Fox, senior Workforce Readiness assistant: 716.338.1335 
  • Sandra McGuire, Workforce Readiness assistant: 716.338.1334 
Room Name or Number Capacity
Carnahan classroom 120 (u-shaped "Smart" classroom) 27 firm
Carnahan classroom 123 (standard "Smart" classroom) 32+
Conference room 125 16 firm
Conference room 116 16 firm
Computer lab 108 (without instructor) Office 2016 15
Computer lab 109 (without instructor) Office 2016 15
Multipurpose A (standard classroom) 32
Multipurpose B (small banquet style room) 24
A and B combined 50-100
Carnahan Theater ("Smart" classroom) up to 120 (firm)
Reserve a room at MTI (Cattaraugus County Campus)

Workforce Readiness is located in the Manufacturing Technology Institute on the Cattaraugus County Campus, located in Olean, New York.

The MTI includes five meeting and conference spaces that can be easily configured to meet your organization’s specific needs. Each meeting room is equipped with an instructor podium with a computer and large screen monitor, document camera, Internet access, DVD player, and speakers. You may also request a cable so that you can connect your laptop. Wifi access is available upon request.

The MTI also houses a computer lab with 24 student computers and an instructor's computer connected to an overhead data and video projector.

  • To book a room or for more information, call 716.376.7509.

For more information:

  • Keith Kranick, director: 716.376.7572
  • Kathleen Martel, project manager: 716.376.7586
  • Marsha Topor, assistant: 716.376.7506
Room Details

Community Room (COLL)

22’ x 26’

Standard set up: 6 square tables set in cube formation with 10 chairs around the perimeter. Soft seating available in room for approximately 6 people.

Maximum capacity: 25

Student Union

30’ x 44’ (Adjacent Game Room is 26’ x 22’ and not carpeted.) 

Standard set up: soft furniture around room including table and chair groupings, television permanently mounted on wall.

Maximum capacity: 84


Standard set up: classroom seating with center aisles for approximately 60. Smart cart in front of room with laptop, CD/DVD player, remote slide advancer, pull down screen, chalkboard, and white board. Space available in back of room for food service.

Maximum capacity: 70

MTI 217 (MTI)

30’ x 32’

Set up can include open u-shape, rectangle, standard classroom, herringbone, etc. Smart cart at front of room has computer and CD/DVD player, and presentation monitor on wall. Countertop area in back for refreshments and/or handouts.

Maximum capacity: 50

Cutco Theater (TECH)

Standard set up: 190 theater seats, each with foldaway tablet arm desktop surfaces, cutaway space in front and rear of theater for wheelchair accessibility. Podium has laptop, CD/DVD player, and microphone. Audio and lighting can be controlled from stage or A/V booth in rear of theater. AV/Tech support or prior training on equipment is required for rental with possible separate costs. Lobby, adjacent Magnano Reception Room, and kitchen are booked separately.

Maximum capacity: 210

Magnano Reception Room (TECH)

30' x 38'

Standard set up: 11 round tables with 5 chairs each, podium w/ microphone and laptop, projector and pull-sown screen in front of room, and 4 service carts (wheeled) in rear of room. Adjacent kitchen, Cutco Theater, and lobby booked separately.

Maximum capacity: 60

Reserve a room at NCTC (North County Center)

The North County Training and Conference Center, located in Dunkirk, New York, includes eight meeting and conference spaces.

Smart carts are available, and include the cart (electric cable), laptop with Internet access, VCR/DVD player, projector, and speakers. You may also request a cable so that you can connect your laptop.

The North County Training and Conference Center also houses a computer lab, which includes 16 student computers and an instructor's computer connected to an overhead data and video projector.

  • To book a room or for more information, call 716.363.6500.

For more information:

  • Elizabeth Booth, director: 716.363.6510
  • Jackie Patterson, project manager: 716.363.6585
  • Susan Muscato: senior administrative assistant: 716.363.6501
  • Beth Coughlin: administrative assistant, 716.363.6503
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