Court and Realtime Reporting (A.A.S.) (SUNY Alfred State) (1+1 Agreement)

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SUNY Alfred State
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Court and Realtime Reporting (A.A.S.) (1+1 Agreement)
JCC Program: 
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Requires acceptance to Alfred State. Guarantees, to accepted students who begin their coursework in a fall semester, the opportunity to complete the associate's degree in four consecutive regular semesters plus one summer session. Those who begin in a spring semester are guaranteed the opportunity to earn the degree in five consecutive regular semesters.  In most cases students will combine traditional courses at JCC with online courses from Alfred State, often enrolling in both each semester.  Students can take advantage of a consortium agreement between JCC and Alfred State regarding financial aid and admissions considerations, and can transfer excess financial aid from Alfred State to pay tuition costs at JCC. (latest update 2016)

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